10 weeks old!

A couple weeks ago baby V turned 10 weeks old (October 4th to be exact). I had found the onesie in the pic while putting away all the 0-3 month clothes (baby V is a big baby, she was already 12 pounds at her 2 month visit, Silly Bean was about that size at 3.5 months), and wanted to recreate the photo with Silly Bean taken at 10 weeks wearing it since it’s one of the photos we’ve got framed. 

So, I did it!

Baby V on the left (11 weeks), Silly Bean on the right (10 weeks)

 Unfortunately I miscounted the weeks and baby V is 11 weeks in the picture. Oh well, pretty close though 🙂

And well, I couldn’t button up the onesie on baby V but it’s on!

They sure are cute aren’t they?
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