5 Things: October 23

5Things Oct23

Each week I’ll be sharing 5 things I’ve come across that fall into the five different categories.

Here are this week’s five things:

…to read

This lecture by author Neil Gaiman on the importance of reading and the role libraries play. Fiction, he says, “is a gateway drug to reading” and  letting children read fiction they enjoy will lead to increased literacy. And as he argues libraries have a huge role in supporting literacy in our communities and we should support our libraries. My daughter’s school was so lucky recently. They were involved in a program being run by Indigo (a Canadian bookstore chain) where the top three schools that gained the most “adopts” (or likes) in each province will receive money from Indigo to go towards purchasing books for their libraries. They will be announcing the winners today, but my daughter’s school is expected to be in second place and receive $10,000 for the library.

…to inspire

Somewhat related, I love this quote: The best teachers

…to sew

I love this Halloween inspired rag quilt! Could easily change it to a different theme, plus rag quilts are relatively quicker to sew than a traditional quilt.

…to create

Here’s a quick Halloween decoration to make. Spinning ghosts!

…to cook

I love pumpkin pie and I love cupcakes, so obviously this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes should be awesome!

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