5 Things: Sept 25


Each week I’ll be sharing 5 things I’ve come across that fall into the five different categories.

Here are this week’s five things:


…to read

This article has been shared in a few mom groups I’m in a few times this past week and I thought it was interesting. It’s geared towards kids but good for adults too to understand anxiety. I think it’s especially helpful reading for this time of year when kids are going back to school, meeting new friends and so on. I know my oldest can be an anxious kid, (hmm, not sure where she gets that from), and it would be helpful for me to have tools on how to help her so she can grow to be less anxious and shy than I am. Not that there’s anything wrong with being shy, I might add, but it can be hard growing up shy in a non-shy world, so it’s helpful to have tools to help deal with it. (And I’m not saying that shyness and anxiety necessarily go hand in hand but in my case they do). If you want more to read on anxiety, here’s another article I came across.

…to inspire

This blogger has multiple lists of  ‘Things to do’: 30 Things to do with Your Baby, 50 Things to do together-other than watching a movie, and so on. I’m not a fan of the font on her website (I find it hard to read), but you’re sure to find something to inspire you to do something different on one of her lists!

…to sew

More coaster/mug rug fun! I found this pattern for pumpkin shaped coasters, too cute!

…to create

Here’s a quick fall wreath that you could make with your kids. After pinning wreath tutorials for years, I think I may actually attempt this one.

…to cook

Hubby bought an acorn squash last week and I need to cook it! I found this list of 10 acorn squash recipes, there hopefully will be a good one in there! If you have any recipe recommendations share them in the comments please!

Next month Friday’s 5 Things will be mainly Halloween related. Do you have any Halloween recipes that you can recommend? I’ve never made anything specifically Halloween related and would love some ideas!

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