Hi! I’m Ula, a 30-something mama to two girls, a 5 year-old, ‘Silly Bean’ and a 2 year-old, ‘Miss V’. My husband, ‘Mr. G’ is a pretty understanding guy, who doesn’t mind (too much) when the craft mess starts to take over the rest of the house. I work two days a week in the admissions office of a local hospital and I spend the rest of the week being a stay-at-home-mom to my girls.


I first learned to sew when I was around 6 or 7 years old. My mom taught me to sew by hand and the first thing I made was a cat stuffie. My mom is more of a functional seamstress, mending holes and buttons but when my younger sister was 8 she made her flower girl dress for my cousin’s wedding. The first sewing machine I learned on was a Singer 301. Awesome machine (and super heavy!), I miss it. (My mom’s was like the light brown one on this page). I sewed a bit here and there over the years and started slowly again not long after my first was born. Although, I only really got into near daily sewing while pregnant with my second. I feel a little bad that up until last year my older girl only owned a couple things made by me whereas the baby has a whole closet full. Oh well! I don’t profess to be an expert at sewing techniques, and I’m still learning as I go. There are still many techniques I haven’t learned yet and my goal is to make myself a proper dress at some point.

Lulu & Celeste flower girl dress
Me (on the left) doing some last minute trimming of the flower girl dress I made Silly Bean for my wedding. She’s 18 months old here.


My dad’s an artsy type and his artistic leanings influenced many of the crafty pursuits I have tried over the years. We did lots of painting but with different mediums: wax, acrylic, watercolour, gouache and so on. He put us in art classes that libraries put on and I remember at one class making my own paper. In my teens he taught me and siblings about photography and set up a darkroom in our basement. He also bought the family a video camera and we made lots of family movies and put together stop motion movies with our toys. (So fun! I need to get those digitized!) Photography became my main hobby from that point on until the sewing bug bit me again a couple years ago. Besides sewing (and reading), photography is my main interest. I plan to get more practice in photography and get my skills back up. I also like working with felt, doing scrapbooking/cardmaking and baking. (Cooking counts as a hobby right?)


I plan on posting some tutorials for little things I have made in the near future. As well as posting some of my favourite family recipes and some crafts for children. I may occasionally post some more personal stories so be forewarned, ha.

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