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All these pyjama blog tours have come in handy. Little Miss V is a summer baby and big sis Silly Bean is a winter baby, so none of the pj hand-me-downs that fit Miss V are the right season. I suppose I could just buy a few pairs of pjs, but sewing them is so much more fun!

Riley pjs from EYMM sewn by Lulu & Celeste

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Today I have the Riley pjs from EYMM* to show you.

I made the 12-18m size nightgown for my pyjama needing 16-month-old. They’re a bit long on her, coming to just above her ankles but she seems to be a tad short for her age. But not too bad, as long as she only grows up and not out she should be able to fit into them for awhile.

Riley pjs from EYMM sewn by Lulu & Celeste

And yes, it’s winter, I should have made her long sleeves. Unfortunately, I didn’t have quite enough of the white knit so I went with short sleeves.

Riley pjs from EYMM sewn by Lulu & Celeste

These pjs look so comfy! I need to find some more knit fabric and make myself the Callie pjs*. EYMM has such a huge size range with their patterns, I could outfit almost everyone in my family with them. (In other words, hubby won’t wear the women’s patterns but otherwise I could use them for the rest of us :P)

Pattern size range: Riley (children’s version) Newborn to 18T; Callie (women’s) XS to 5X

Pattern price: Each size range is $9.95, or get the bundle for $16.95* (Use the discount code SNUGASABUG valid until tomorrow for 30% off, making the each size range just under $7 US or the bundle just under $12 US)


Pattern Details:

  • Huge size range (as mentioned above)
  • Pattern pieces are easy to tape together using the no-trim-method
  • Tips for sewing with knit, altering the pattern pieces
  • Detailed size chart, making it easy to find the perfect size. (Next time I’ll measure my daughter’s height beforehand to get the right length)
  • Fabric cutting layout
  • Instructions are easy to understand, photos are clear

The white knit was purchased from, and the main fabric is ‘Love Home’ from Duncan & Kate

This was the first time I’ve done raglan sleeves, OMGosh! so easy! I’m going to be making more raglan tops for my girls now.

Tried to get her to pretend to sleep… Didn’t happen 😉

Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour! Go here to visit the kick-off post with links to all the stops.


I’m still working through my stash! The main fabric was purchased back in the spring and used in another project, and the white knit was scraps from about a year ago.
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