Baby gown and overalls by Peek-a-boo patterns

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Amy from Peek-a-Boo patterns* has debuted her lullaby line which will include baby items going from size preemie to 4T. I first tested the baby gown* which was awesome because these things are great! The baby gown only goes up to 6m though.


The fit was good and it sews up fast. Baby V is a big baby so she probably won’t get more than another month out of it (when she’s 6.5 months about) the sizing chart says 6m is up to 16lbs and she was at that weight a couple weeks ago. But it fits well now and that’s all that really matters. 🙂 It actually does cover her toes though, but she likes to kick them free.

This was my fifth time sewing with knits so I’m still learning the ropes. I made a few little mess ups which are kinda noticeable (but hey even store-bought mass-prouyhduced shirts often have some crooked stitching, so maybe I’m being a little hard on myself).

I did this on a sewing machine, still haven’t been able to get out the serger I bought on sale last month (trying to clean up the craft room first), so it would probably go even faster with it!

This is what happened when I pulled the gown to cover those little toesies up. They didn’t stay covered for long. 

Gowns like these are a must-have I believe! So much easier than dealing with snaps or zippers or squirmy baby legs during late night diaper changes. I know three people having babies next summer, so guess what they’ll be getting! (I’ll just practice a bit more with knits first!)

Baby toes! Nothing cuter than that! Except maybe a fluffy puppy, maybe..

 I also got to test the Overalls* during the third round of testing of them. I thought they came out real cute too!

These overalls have a retro look to them. ♥

They’re really cute. I made these ones out of flannel so they’re super soft and warm. I need to make some more!

SillyBean decided to photobomb just as I was getting Baby V to focus on me. Turned out cute!
The Lullaby Overalls are here*. Heck, if you know some people having babies just buy the whole line and sew them up some goodies!
(and while you’re looking at the baby gown listing on her website take a look at the pics, you just may see the cutest little baby that you already know 😉 ).


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