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For my stop on the Breaking Ground blog tour hosted by Mahlica Designs I decided to sew something for hubby.

He’s been complaining for awhile that I haven’t sewn him anything so this was the perfect push for me to try out sewing a men’s pattern. Since I’m working full-time but don’t have a regular schedule (I only get a confirmation a day or so before the new month starts of what my schedule will be for that month, even then it changes weekly) I’ve been focusing on sewing quick and easy patterns. So I decided to sew the free Arrowsmith pattern from Thread Theory.

It fits alright, but I find it baggy across the chest under the arms. I sewed the size he measured for, but I think maybe he would preferred it if I had sized down as suggested in the pattern for more of a undershirt fit.

arrowsmith 03

The back fits well though. Although I notice a little gaping at the bottom of the armhole. I’m wondering if it’s maybe a combination of the fabric around the armhole getting stretched out from handling it and maybe needing to go a size smaller in the chest. The shoulders look good though.

The only adjustments I made were removing about an inch from the bottom as he felt it was too long.

Arrowsmith pattern from Thread Theory sewn by Lulu & Celeste

I will definitely sew another version of the Arrowsmith tank for hubby. Haven’t decided if I’ll try a different type of knit (ribbing maybe?) or just the same fabric in another colourway in a size smaller.

Although I’ve known about Thread Theory for awhile now and featured them in my Canadian pattern designer tour a few years back, this was the first time I’ve actually sewn one of their patterns. The directions are easy to understand and the pattern is professionally made. I have actually owned the Comox trunks for ages now and will sew them up soon now that I’ve gotten one men’s pattern under my belt.

So while it’s maybe not the most exciting “breaking ground” project out there, I am happy that I finally made something for hubby.

Now on to figuring how to fix my blog issues. Apparently I’ve run out of space and I can’t upload new pics without deleting some old photos. Luckily I’ve managed to delete some that I apparently never used in a blog post yet, but I’m running out of those. And I’ve had to compress the newest pictures quite a bit so the quality isn’t so good. :/

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