Canadian Pattern Designer blog tour: What I’ve Made

Ok, so originally my goal was to make one pattern from each of the designers on the tour. But then hubby lost his job and I needed to work full-time for a few months so I barely had a chance to sew (especially since on my days off, Miss V would be sooooo clingy). I went back to working part-time at the beginning of June so I’ve had a bit more free time, but working on this tour took up a lot of my me time so I didn’t have a chance to sew too much.

I did however, manage to sew up the Starfish shorts from Gracious Threads.


I sewed these up for a review on shorts over at The Pattern Exam (I’m getting smart, killing two birds with one stone). Head on over there if you’d like to see the other kids shorts that are being reviewed by the team this month. My review will be posted there tomorrow so I’m not going to go into great detail on the pattern today. I just wanted to show that I actually completed something for this tour!

“Is that a shoelace, mum?” ..Yes, yes it is, lol

I was so happy that I got these sewed up so quickly. Afterwards I realized that I had forgotten to sew on the pockets! Ack! No wonder it was so quick!

As always, I modified the fit on these for my skinny kiddo: I used the 3 width with a 5 length. I traced the rise of the 5 onto tissue paper and shifted it over until I got to the width of the 3, and cut my pieces out from the new line. The shorts are cute, they have an elastic back with a drawstring front. I didn’t have anything appropriate to use for the drawstring, so I stole the other shoelace off a pair of old running shoes of mine (the first shoelace was used in another project already). So now I need to buy the shoes some new shoelaces, ah well.

Anywho, head on over to The Pattern Exam tomorrow to see more details on the pattern 🙂

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