My Little Plumcake Spring line pattern test

Back in January I was picked to help test My Little Plumcake’s spring line of patterns. The patterns are the sweetest dress, skirt, shorts and blouse.

The patterns are sold in a bundle of all four or individually. The bundle sells for $29.25 in the Etsy shop but the first 100 can get the bundle for $21 with the code ‘Collection2014’. There is also a discount code for 15% off if you’re not interested in the whole bundle ‘Spring14’.

Here are my versions on Baby V:

The Harper blouse and Chloe pleated skirt. LOVE!

Those puff sleeves!

The Maddalie Spring dress (which I made with a fun fabric for her to wear to big sis’ birthday party)

The Addie Spring shorts

I had such a hard time trying to pick a favourite. At first it was the skirt. The skirt was my first time ever doing pleats! Love them. ♥ Also it has inseam pockets! But then I made the shorts, and they were just so darn cute with the little pleated detail in the front. The dress is so pretty too. A little tricky with the little gathers though. And the blouse is so classic looking, and the bow is so sweet!

I love all the little details that are put into her patterns.

The shorts can also have a cuff at the bottom. But without the cuff it has the same sort of detail that is on the dress. Hard to see in the pictures maybe but at the bottom of the seams where the front and back meet there is a little upside down ‘v’ almost. My sleepy brain can’t think of the right term to use at the moment. The shorts kind of do the same thing.

Also, should know that there is a bit of hand sewing involved in the dress and skirt (attaching the lining to the yoke). It completes the professional detail.

Make It and Love It

Pattern test: Agathe et Theo pants by Filles à Maman

I really enjoyed making these pants! I also have officially conquered any lingering fears about sewing with knits now. These were sooo easy to sew up. I think sometimes the issue with knit is the type of knit that is used, I made these with Laguna knit in red by Robert Kaufman that I purchased from The pockets were made from scrap knit also in the Laguna line of the butterfly print. It’s a great quality knit.

But back to the pattern. These are the Agathe et Theo pants by Filles à Maman. Mel from Filles à Maman designed these as part of the Aspiring Designs Challenge happening over at Pattern Revolution.The pants include pleated detail in the front as well as pockets. They are super quick to sew up and you don’t need a serger. I made these on my sewing machine only. The cuffs and waistband are made using the same fabric, so no need for rib knit. 

The instructions are thorough and she includes the markings for making the pleats so no guesswork is involved.
Babies are not the easiest to photograph while wearing pants or shorts when awake. 🙂

I made the 12m size for my big 6 month old. They are a little long on her as she seems to have a long torso and short legs (or maybe a long torso for her age but with normal legs?) so they end up looking a little baggier on her than on other testers. (Since they are pushed up on the legs more). But that’s not really a problem as it just means she wear them longer (unless her bum grows at a faster rate than her legs! :/)

These are so comfy (I’m assuming, but she didn’t complain while wearing them). Another one I will be definitely making more of. I just need more knit. I don’t really think she needs 5 pairs of red pants! And Miss SillyBean has also a requested a pair of these!
Also the pattern is bilingual (French and English) as the designer is French Canadian from Quebec. So another definite plus for me was the opportunity to work with a fellow Quebecker. Love that I was able to support a Canadian designer! Check out the rest of the designers in the Aspiring Designers Challenge over at Pattern Revolution and enter for your chance to win each of the patterns!

Pattern Test: Old Tyme Baseball Shirt by Dandelions n Dungarees

The Old Tyme Baseball shirt by Dandelions n’ Dungarees is part of the Aspiring Designers Challenge happening over at Pattern Revolution. Check out the challenge on their website and find out about all the other aspiring designers participating in it and you also have a chance to win a copy of each of the patterns being released!
I love this shirt. I know, I say that about every test that I’ve done, but I really do love them all.


When I signed up to test for this shirt by Dandelions n’ Dungarees, I figured it would be too easy to make it look sporty (and well, seriously she’s 6 months old, it’s not like she can really play baseball!), so I decided to challenge myself to make it a little girly. I think I succeeded! I actually used a vintage pillowcase to make it, I think it works. The print is so sweet!

It was my first time ever doing piping, and while it was a bit of challenge for me the directions were great (although my piping is not, lol).

I really like how it looks layered over a long sleeve. I plan to make more. My older girl could use some new shirts too!

I think a beginner could do this if they’re willing to tackle piping (if they haven’t done that before). Another great thing about their patterns is that they include a sewing dictionary with their patterns. Super helpful at times!

Check out the rest of the designers in the Aspiring Designers Challenge over at Pattern Revolution and enter for your chance to win each of the patterns!

Sweet ‘n’ Sassy bubble shorts by Little Kiwis Closet

I recently tested the Sweet ‘n’ Sassy bubble shorts by Little Kiwis Closet in the infant sizes.

SO cute! But my pictures don’t show them off real well. Like the picture above, you can barely even see them. But I had to include it because, well, she kinda looks a like a surfer boy and it makes me laugh.

The shorts have a side panel and there are options to include bows (as pictured) or two different styles of pockets. You can play around with that part a lot, different fabrics and so on. Fun!

I’ll be making the girls some for the summer. But I’ll wait a bit before making them in case they have another growth spurt!

The shorts also come in children sizes up to 12y. Go to take a look at her shop!

Pattern Test: Sasha top by EYMM

I’ve been a busy bee with pattern testing this week.

This picture just makes me laugh for some reason
I made this cute dolman style tunic length top by EYMM (affiliate) this week called the Sasha. It comes in sizes Newborn to 18 Tween! I tested the 9-12m size. It’s really cute and easy to sew up.

It comes in three lengths: top, tunic and dress. The top version has instructions to include a casing at the bottom as well to insert elastic. I did the tunic length because I wanted it to last her longer. (Tried it on my nearly 4 year old and it was actually a good length top for her, just was too tight at the arms).

The trickiest part was the fabric but only because I haven’t sewn with such thin knit before.

It also comes in adult sizes, so you can always make yourself some matching mommy and daughter tops if you’re so inclined.

Go get the pattern and make your kiddo some cute and easy tops!

Baby gown and overalls by Peek-a-boo patterns

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something on the site after clicking through, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Amy from Peek-a-Boo patterns* has debuted her lullaby line which will include baby items going from size preemie to 4T. I first tested the baby gown* which was awesome because these things are great! The baby gown only goes up to 6m though.


The fit was good and it sews up fast. Baby V is a big baby so she probably won’t get more than another month out of it (when she’s 6.5 months about) the sizing chart says 6m is up to 16lbs and she was at that weight a couple weeks ago. But it fits well now and that’s all that really matters. 🙂 It actually does cover her toes though, but she likes to kick them free.

This was my fifth time sewing with knits so I’m still learning the ropes. I made a few little mess ups which are kinda noticeable (but hey even store-bought mass-prouyhduced shirts often have some crooked stitching, so maybe I’m being a little hard on myself).

I did this on a sewing machine, still haven’t been able to get out the serger I bought on sale last month (trying to clean up the craft room first), so it would probably go even faster with it!

This is what happened when I pulled the gown to cover those little toesies up. They didn’t stay covered for long. 

Gowns like these are a must-have I believe! So much easier than dealing with snaps or zippers or squirmy baby legs during late night diaper changes. I know three people having babies next summer, so guess what they’ll be getting! (I’ll just practice a bit more with knits first!)

Baby toes! Nothing cuter than that! Except maybe a fluffy puppy, maybe..

 I also got to test the Overalls* during the third round of testing of them. I thought they came out real cute too!

These overalls have a retro look to them. ♥

They’re really cute. I made these ones out of flannel so they’re super soft and warm. I need to make some more!

SillyBean decided to photobomb just as I was getting Baby V to focus on me. Turned out cute!
The Lullaby Overalls are here*. Heck, if you know some people having babies just buy the whole line and sew them up some goodies!
(and while you’re looking at the baby gown listing on her website take a look at the pics, you just may see the cutest little baby that you already know 😉 ).