10+ Sewing Projects using Fabric scraps

Welcome to my stop on the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop hosted by Faith & Fabric . This month’s theme is ‘Save Our Scraps’.


(For the full list of all the blogs participating in this hop read to the bottom of this post!)

I am decidedly a scrap fabric hoarder. I rarely throw them out.

Which is not always a good thing.

I have scraps everywhere!

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Earth Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the first Earth Day Blog hop I’m hosting! This is a mini hop with just a couple stops each day with different bloggers sharing projects that they’ve made using recycled or upcycled materials. Earth Day is held every year on April 22nd and I remember as a young teen, Earth Day seemed to explode on the scene and my local municipality held many different activities in honour of Earth Day. The last few years though, things seem to have quieted down quite a bit, at least where I live, and the city mainly just hosts a (limited) tree giveaway (but oddly not actually on Earth Day but a week later). (And I mean limited, they give away 1000 trees in a municipality of approximately 230,000 people).

earth day blog hop little

On Friday I will be sharing a round up of 50+ recycling and upcycling crafts which will include all the stops on the hop for this week as well. So if you’re looking to be inspired with ways you can use recycling and upcycling in your sewing or other craft projects be sure to follow along all week and check in again on Friday for even more ideas! Some of the projects will be suitable for children but many are best for older teens and adults.

Today I’m sharing a post I did three years ago. Egg carton flowers! This is an easy craft for kids to do with minimal adult involvement and needs very few supplies. Click the photo below to get to the post.

Mini tutorial on making egg carton flowers with preschoolers

For more inspiration be sure to check out all the blogs taking part in the Earth Day Blog hop!

April 18:
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April 19:
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April 20:
EYMM  –  Create 3.5

April 21:
PenSeb&Rox  –  Candice Ayala

April 22:
Lulu & Celeste (Round Up post)

Coming Soon to Lulu & Celeste

Coming Soon …

What’s happening this month you ask? Well, I’m super excited to let you know! Coming soon, very very soon are a bunch of fun blog tours I’m taking part in. I especially love doing tours that are very open-ended (like the topic allows for interpretation or sewing whatever pattern I want) and I also really like organizing blog tours. And lucky me, there are a few of both types happening this month.

Coming up soon in honour of St. Patrick’s Day is a blog tour hosted by CraftingCon called For the Love of Legends. I’m still finalizing my project but I will say that it is going to involve unicorns somehow.

Then the following week is the super awesome Spring Break PJ Party blog tour that I’m co-hosting with Deb, Jaime and Meriel. Jaime and Meriel also admin the Sew Your Pattern Stash group on Facebook. Basically all 30(!) of the bloggers participating will be sewing up pyjama patterns (or using non-pj patterns to sew up pjs) from their pattern stash. The patterns that will be featured are all ones the bloggers owned at the time of signing up! There will be roughly 25 designers featured. Lots of inspiration to be had! There will be daily giveaways and a big (BIG) prize for sewing along and linking up. So get your patterns out and sew yourself (or your kids or significant other) some pjs! More details on the prizes and how to link up will be posted next week.pj04


Then after that one I’ll be taking part in an Easter dress tour. I’m sewing up an Easter dress for Miss V using a pattern I own. (I’m trying real hard to sew up my pattern stash this year and not purchase new patterns!)

In April I’ve decided to host an Earth Day blog hop. If you are interested sign up >>HERE<<. Details are on the sign up form. It will be an anything-goes-(almost)-hop, as long as it has to do with upcycling/recycling/refashioning it’s golden!

There will be more fun stuff happening in April but I will share those later on in the month.

Oh, besides all the fun blog tours there will be another interview, a tutorial or two (if I remember to edit the pictures) and a couple reviews. So come back soon-ish to see what I’ve got coming up 🙂

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