Kids Craft: Found Nature art

I don’t have any pictures of the whole process because I wasn’t thinking ahead of time. Oh well. 

Activity: Found art nature collage


  • Found objects
  • paper
  • Glue
  • Optional: Crayons (or pencil crayons, etc)
Here is the finished project: 
Silly Bean’s found art nature collage. 

The Process:

On one of the nice afternoons we had last week, Silly Bean, Baby V and I went out looking around for different nature objects lying around the yard.

Well, Silly Bean looked, I raked the leaves and Baby V fell asleep in the baby carrier.
Once Silly found everything she wanted (yes the pompom survived the winter outside only to be used in Silly’s collage), we went back inside. I did suggest she make a picture of trees and flowers since she didn’t know what she was supposed to do with the items but normally I don’t tell her what to draw.
Once she glued everything down she drew a rain cloud, a sun, some flowers and a butterfly.

And voilà! A nature collage!

So easy and she had fun. And it occupied her for awhile (an hour outside while she looked around and played, and half an hour gluing and drawing).

Silly Bean’s rating: ****/4

Would we try this again?

Yes, cheap and easy! Can easily do as a Fall or Summer collage as well. (Winter maybe not, I don’t think gluing snow will work very well. :p)

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