Thursday’s Finds: Time for Tea Etsy Treasury

Ooh, so I was just looking around on Etsy the other day and I came across this dress. I love 50s inspired dresses. I’m not sure why I don’t wear them all the time… maybe I just haven’t found one I can afford that fits my body. Anyway, so I saw the dress and decided to make any Etsy treasury more or less inspired by it.

Here it is: Time for Tea (affiliate link)

I made a tea party themed treasury! I found a mixture of vintage items and handmade items that had a vintage feel to them, and yes, they were also chosen by the quality of the main photo. They all have a similar feel/colour to the main photo. I think at least. For instance, at first I was going to use a different listing of vintage croquet balls but then realized that the image was much brighter than the rest of the photos in the treasury, so I did more searching and found the perfect ones.

Enjoy! When you have a bit of time to kill, it’s fun to make treasuries!