Cozy Cakes Backpack by Cozy Nest Design

Besides totes I’ve never sewn a bag before. Test a backpack, sure why not? I can do it!

Well, I did. I applied to test this cupcake backpack by Cozy Nest Designs on a whim, I mean the backpack was so darn cute that I knew SillyBean would love it. And whadda ya know! I got chosen. Woohoo!

Hmm.. I think this should be called Mint Lemonade.

Technically a beginner could make this bag. With all the ruffles it’s rather time consuming (not to mention cutting all the pieces), and sewing all those layers can be tough, so I wouldn’t want any beginners out there to give up halfway through so keep this for your second project at least. 😉

In the end the designer decided that this pattern is intermediate level. I agree, there are a few basic techniques (ruffling) and terms that aren’t explained (like staystitching, and bar tack) as you would expect should be there in a beginner pattern.

I worked from my stash again and managed to find everything in my stash. I did actually try to find d rings (and the nylon webbing) at the store, but couldn’t find them but had the strap thingys in my stash from another bag I was working on a few months ago that I never finished (I will soon. I think it’ll be easier than this one). I think had I needed to buy the materials it would have cost roughly $20 in supplies. But since I didn’t purchase anything at this moment (hence the reason the nylon straps don’t match the bag at all) it cost $0! Fun!

It’s not perfect, but Silly really likes it. I’m tempted to make more since I think my nieces would like them too. I would like to finish the insides better. She gives optional finishing methods in the tutorial, I think it would look nicer inside with bias binding but I just went with an overcast stitch. I think next time I’ll try using a walking foot, that may make parts a little easier.

The pattern also comes with instructions to make a cupcake pillow! I’ll be making a few of those 🙂

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