Cozy up to Fall with EYMM: Four Seasons Cardigan

 I must confess… I completely messed up and forgot what day of the week my post was supposed to be up. No real reason, I just mixed up dates, oops!
I owned each of the three patterns being featured on this tour already, so I decided to take part in the tour as my goal this year has been to sew from my stash (pattern and fabric) as much as possible. My plan was to hopefully sew all three, but realistically I knew I only had time for one so I decided on the cardigan*, as I can always use cardis!
Keep reading for more pics and sale and giveaway info!

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I wanted to sew the long sleeves, unfortunately though I didn’t have enough fabric to make that happen. I thought I did, but no (I possibly did but may not have laid out my pattern pieces well enough) 🙁 Luckily I had cut the front and back pieces out first and not the sleeves! For now though here is a sleeveless cardigan. I do have enough fabric for short sleeves but I’d prefer 3/4 length or full length.
I did the regular length as A- I’m not too sure if I’m a duster type of person and B- I didn’t have enough fabric! Obviously..
Oh, this is the XL size.
It’s a pretty quick sew, especially considering I haven’t hemmed it yet while I debate the no sleeves thing. (I’m not really a sleeveless or short sleeve cardigan person either.) The whole point of a cardigan for me is to keep my arms warm. So I’m not sure if I will keep this as a cardigan or cut it up to use it for someone smaller.
BUT I must mention that a sleeveless cardigan is in fact one of the options included in the pattern (and instructions for not hemming it are included as well), so technically this is in fact a completed garment! It’s just not the version I set out to make.
Anyway, because I mixed up my dates I didn’t get my pictures until the day I was supposed to have posted, which meant indoor pics because it is pouring outside! It is dark inside my house once Fall hits so pics are not the best indoors (anytime really but especially in the autumn and winter). So I apologize for the dark, somewhat blurry photos. I will retake them later in the week on my day off.
I feel like this post is a whole bunch of nothing… or maybe it’s more like a series of unfortunate events.. Wah! I will add the Four Seasons Cardigan to a retry list (with enough fabric!) and do a proper review at later date.


Winner’s info has been forwarded to the tour organizer!

However, while things did not turn out the way I wanted, I do have a giveaway for you! Enter through the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate from EYMM! If you would like more EYMM inspiration check out the links below the graphic. But don’t forget to come back here to enter as well 🙂 The giveaway will close October 12, 2017 at 11:59pm.


And a sale!!

During the tour, all featured patterns are on sale (and you can save even more by buying the youth/adult bundles!) … the Four Seasons Cardigan* (both women’s* and girl’s*), the Piko Top* (both women’s* and girl’s*), and the Leggings Bundle* (‘Get Moving’ Leggings* for women and Jocelyn’s Leggings* for girls). Use coupon code FALL17 to save 30% off these 6 patterns and/or 3 bundles in the EYMM shop*, but only until 11:59pm on October 11, 2017.
Oct. 5 – Sprouting JubeJube and EYMM


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