Desert Island Sew: Sew 20 Tour

Desert Island ADVTee

I really liked the prompt for this month’s Sew 20 tour:  Pretend that you will be spending a few weeks alone on a desert island. You will only be allowed ONE sewing pattern but no limits on project supplies. What pattern would you take?

First I debated whether I should choose a pattern for myself or my kids. I went with kids. I don’t sew for myself too often, although I suppose being alone on an island would be the best time to sew for myself.

Once I decided I would sew for my kids then I then had to choose the pattern. I decided I would choose a top pattern because they always need tops and so I went with a tee. I chose the ADVTee from Sofilantjes, although the Otium was a close choice. The ADVTee has a slightly slimmer fit than the Otium which is great for my slim kids. The Otium has a lot of options but I want to get better at sewing v-necks. The ADVTee has two neckline options and so far I’ve only made the basic v-neck. I haven’t tried the neckline with the snaps yet mainly because I don’t have snaps. But with unlimited supplies I wouldn’t have that problem!

I’ve made the ADVTee four times so far. I used it to make pyjama tops back in March for both my girls.

I made it when it first came out for the ADVTee tour.

ADVTee Front sewn by Lulu & Celeste

And most recently last week to make a shirt for my niece’s birthday. I hope she liked it


So yup, if I were to be spending a few weeks alone, I would sew a stack of tees for my girls. Long sleeves, short sleeves, with the different necklines and with and without the pocket. Probably would be kept busy enough making them each just eight tops (four with long sleeves and four with short) for the next year. Then I would either start sewing a couple sizes up or would start hacking the top. Lengthen it and add a skirt. Modify the neckline to be rounded. Make tank tops from it. Colourblock it. The hacking possibilities are endless.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my ‘desert island’ sew! What pattern would you choose? I’d be interested in reading what you’d choose.

Sew 20 Desert Island Sew Tour

7/18/16 to 7/22/16


Use #desertislandsew on social media to play along!

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  1. The shirts are adorable! Love when patterns are such good basic blocks to hack into a million different items! A deserted island sounds amazing right now too…..

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