Dive Into Dolmans: Shwin Day Tripper

I’m taking part in the Dive Into Dolmans Blog tour hosted by Tibeca of Sewing by Ti and co-hosted by Sew Sophie Lynn, Made by Melli, and Creative Counselor. Read through to the end for a discount code!


For my post I tried out the Day Tripper by Shwin. This is a pattern I’ve owned for awhile now but had never gotten around to sewing it up until now. Not sure why not as dolmans are super fast sews. A front piece, back piece, neckband, sleeve bands, and waistband and you’re done! (Although for this one I didn’t sew on the waistband as I wasn’t sure if the length was good yet or not)


Now please forgive me, I’m not photogenic at all and white washes me out but I’ve had this fabric I purchased from Fabricville in my stash for months now and wanted to make myself something it. Don’t like it, too bad! Ha. This is why I’m usually behind the camera and not in front of it!

I like dolmans. I’m not sure if they’re the best top for my shape* but they’re super duper comfy. I like this one too because the sleeves aren’t super wide. I hate when I have a top that you can see right through the armhole into your shirt clear as day as is sometimes the case with store bought dolmans.

I sewed up the size L. My bust measurement was at the lower range for the XL and my hips were between the M and L. I like that the pattern gives finished measurements so I decided on the L so that I wouldn’t be swimming in the top. I didn’t want it to be sliding all over my shoulders and I’m glad I went with the L. The fabric I used is also pretty stretchy so I didn’t want the top to get too stretched out and even bigger after wearing it awhile.

*What’s my shape? I think I’m an inverted triangle. My shoulders are wider than my hips, but my bust measurement is just half an inch bigger than my hips, so I think I may qualify as a rectangle as well.

Day Tripper sewn by Lulu & Celeste

I think I have a bit of a swayback thing going as there is pooling going on in the back but overall I’m pleased with the top. It might not be perfect but it’s definitely wearable.

Here’s a chart detailing all the features:

dolman chart

Something that’s not mentioned on the chart though is that Day Tripper says it can be made using lightweight wovens as well as knit fabrics. I haven’t tried that out yet though.

It wouldn’t be a fun post if there weren’t any giveaways or discount codes, right? Shwin Designs is offering a $3 discount with the code DAYTRIP on purchase of the Day Tripper pattern. Good until the end of April 2016, so don’t delay!



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