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I love making Christmas ornaments. It’s probably my favourite part about Christmas! I could make ornaments every day, so I was excited to take part in the 12 days of Christmas blogger challenge hosted by SewMcCool.com.  

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What I love to do with all the ornaments I make is to attach them to the gifts I’m giving at Christmas. This star ornament is quick and easy exactly for that purpose. Eventually my plan is to handmake gifts for everyone on my list but until then I make ornaments for everyone I gift to so that way everyone gets something handmade.


Star shaped cookie cutter to make pattern shape (or hand draw your own star)

scrap piece of fabric (or charm square)
2 pieces of felt slightly larger than your shape
small amount of polyfill
8″ piece of ribbon
hand needle and thread or sewing machine
chopstick or other tool for stuffing

Star Ornament Instructions:

1) Trace your shape onto paper and cut out. I used a cookie cutter to trace around. 
2) Pin your paper shape onto your fabric, and cut out.
Step 2 -Star ornament tutorial Lulu & Celeste
3) Pin your fabric star on top of the two pieces of felt, and sandwich the ribbon in between the two layers of felt.
Step 3 -Star ornament tutorial Lulu & Celeste
4) Using a blanket stitch, sew your three layers together. You can do this by hand or on your sewing machine. Make sure to leave a small opening for adding your polyfill. Step 4 -Star ornament tutorial Lulu & Celeste

5) With the help of a chopstick lightly stuff the star between the two layers of felt. Stitch the opening closed.
Step 5 -Star ornament tutorial Lulu & Celeste

To finish it off, cut the felt around the star being careful to not clip your stitches.


And you’re done! Attach it to a gift and make someone smile.
star ornamentcollage 
Now go and make other shapes!
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