Tooth Fairy Costume with Mandy K Designs

Tooth fairy costume sewn by Lulu & Celeste

I love Mandy K Designs. I’ve tested a lot in the past for Mandy K Designs. I had to cut back a lot on testing once Baby V became Miss V and dropped to one nap a day. Check out more pictures of what I made, and follow along to the end to grab the coupon code!

You can see the ones I blogged here: the Cherry Blossom dress, the Tiers of Joy dress, and the Princess Party dress, but I also tested for a couple others that I just never got around to blogging about. That strawberry Princess Party dress I made is one of my favourite dresses I made for Miss V if not my most favourite. What I love about it is that because of the elastic in the back there is lots of room to grow. The strawberry dress I made was a  size 12 months (she was about 7 months when I made it, the 12 months fits like a 6-12 months) and she was able to wear it until she was 16 months. She wore that dress a lot.

So, it only made sense when I was deciding which pattern to use to make Silly Bean’s tooth fairy costume, that I would choose the Princess Party dress so that we could get longer wear out of it. Silly Bean wanted a pink fairy dress, so pink is what she got!

Tooth fairy costume sewn by Lulu & Celeste

Poor Silly Bean hasn’t been feeling that great for a couple weeks now. She got a pretty nasty cold, and has gotten over the worse of it but the cough just won’t go away. Anywho, all that to say she wasn’t up to going outside for photos and I wasn’t going to force her as it was only about 12 degrees Celsius at the time.

Why a tooth fairy costume? Back in July my big 5-year-old lost her first tooth! She was so excited, and decided not long after that she wanted to be the tooth fairy for Halloween. Guess what Miss V will be going as! A tooth of course! I’m still working on her costume, but hope to have it done by the end of next week. (I’m attempting to work ahead this year, we’ll see how that works out :P) I’m trying to convince my nearly 5-year-old nephew that he should dress up as a toothbrush so we can do a whole a theme. So far he hasn’t agreed. Kids, geesh!

Tooth fairy costume sewn by Lulu & Celeste
Here she shows off every Tooth Fairy’s most needed accessories: a tooth wand, a mirror (for examining teeth!) and the latest in tooth hair clips.

The dress went together fairly quickly. I could have saved myself time since I decided to do all one colour for the bodice and just cut out the lining piece instead of cutting out the upper and lower bodices separately. But you know, I just don’t always think ahead like that. (2am sewing at it’s finest!) Also, the only change I did was use the full width of the fabric, so the skirt is extra full as there is about an extra 24″ to the total width of the skirt.

The pattern has a huge size range (12months to 12 years), and has instructions for an optional removable (or fixed) cape as well. The back is elasticated so no need for buttons or zippers! There are also three sleeve length variations. The pattern is geared for an adventurous beginner, and like all Mandy K patterns, the instructions are extremely detailed so a beginner could easily do this pattern following along each step.

Tooth fairy costume sewn by Lulu & Celeste
I believe she’s fighting off cavities in this pic.

Tooth fairy hair clip by Lulu & Celeste

Every Tooth Fairy needs a hair clip! I put together this quick little hair clip for her to wear with her dress. It might help people realize she’s a tooth fairy and not just a regular garden fairy! I meant to post a little tutorial to make it, but forgot to take pics along the way. So I may or may not have a tutorial for you next week. 😉 The tooth fairy wand is just a bamboo skewer glued between two layers of cardstock cut into a tooth shape.

Here are all the details:

Pattern: Princess Party dress by Mandy K Designs
Fabric: Dupioni silk purchased from Fabricville
Hair accessory: felt (antique white) was purchased from Prairie Point Junction; the flower was from my stash.

You may have noticed that my fairy is missing wings. I’m hoping to make a pair of wings for her, but if I run out of time I will just purchase some. She used to have some but they got all mangled up.


Before I forget, get 30% off all patterns in the shop using the code MKDblogtour2015. The coupon code is valid until October 11th! Thanks for having me on the tour, I was really happy for the excuse to sew up another Princess dress.


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