Felt Christmas tree ornament by Lulu & Celeste

Felt Christmas tree ornament

Probably my favourite thing about Christmas is making Christmas ornaments, whether I make them on my own or with my daughters. I love ornaments! This felt Christmas tree is one of my new favourites.

Christmas tree ornament by Lulu & Celeste

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Felt Christmas tree ornament by Lulu & Celeste

I wanted to make an ornament that could be quick to make and could be completely handsewn. I don’t always feel like setting up the sewing machine to do a short project so this felt Christmas tree is a great project to handsew.

Christmas tree ornament by Lulu & Celeste

This project is quick and other than the string of mini lights, uses just scrap pieces of felt!

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Free Felt Christmas tree ornament tutorial by Lulu & Celeste


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Printing the Pattern:
  • Print out the Christmas tree template in the supplies list above. Print on letter size or A4 paper at actual size or 100%.
  • Trace the snow, tree and trunk shapes out on the matte side of the freezer paper. You will need to trace and cut out two tree shapes and two trunk shapes. For the trunk: when tracing extend the long sides by a few millimeters (so you can overlap) or trace out a rectangle measuring 1.5cm by 2cm.  Roughly cut around each shape.
  • Iron the freezer paper shiny side down onto the felt and cut along the lines. You will have two pieces of ‘snow’, two tree shapes and two trunks. Set one tree shape aside.
  • Measure a piece of string or ribbon about 15cm long (approx 6″) for the loop.
  • Make a small loop with the string, knot at the bottom and set aside.
  • Place the two trunk pieces wrong sides together and stitch using a whipstitch along three sides. Set aside for now.
  • Lay the Christmas lights on one tree in a zigzag pattern (or follow the placement on the template). You will need to make tiny stitches along the string of lights to hold it in place. Keep a tail at the beginning and end so you can wrap it over the edge and catch the tails between the two tree layers in the end.
  • Place the stitched together trunk pieces at the bottom of the tree shape so that the unstitched edge overlaps slightly the back of the tree. Stitch in place. The stitches will be covered by the snow (white piece of felt) in the next step.

  • Lay the snow in place and either glue or stitch in place using tiny stitches. Since it’s snow it can be on top of the string of lights.
  • Place the finished tree front wrong sides together with the second tree piece. Starting at the top whipstich around the outer edge of the tree, lifting up the snow to stitch underneath it.

  • When you get back to the top of the tree, insert the hanging loop with the knot between the two tree layers and finish stitching it closed.
  • If you have a star shaped button, you can stitch it to the top of your tree.

Your felt Christmas tree is complete!

Free Felt Christmas tree ornament tutorial by Lulu & Celeste



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