Free Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag Tutorial

Easy Halloween treat bag tutorial

I put together a fairly simple treat bag tutorial for the Halloween Bag-a-palooza being hosted by Shelly of Coral and Co. This bag is perfect for little ones going trick-or-treating. It’s not huge but will still be able hold quite a bit of candy.



  • Two coordinating fabrics (see below for cut measurements)
  • 1 yard of 1″ nylon webbing
  • Fray check (or heat source)
  • Scissors, thread, iron, sewing machine, etc
  • Optional but recommended: lightweight fusible interfacing

The finished project measures approximately 7 3/4″ x 2″ x 11 1/2″.

Treat Bag Instructions:

1. Cut out the fabrics for the front and back main, the bottom and the lining.
From the main fabric cut two pieces 10 3/4″W x 9 3/4″L.
From the lining fabric cut one piece 10 3/4″W x 6 3/4″L (bottom piece) and one piece 10 3/4″W x 28 1/4″L.1

2. Right sides together, sew the front main to the bottom piece along one edge. Repeat with back main.2

3. If you are adding applique to your bag front, now would be the perfect time to do it!

4. Optional: Fuse lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the front fabric.

5. Fold your front piece right sides together aligning the side seams of the bottom piece. Lightly press a fold into the bottom piece. Sew along both long sides.

6. Press the hem for the lining on both short ends of the lining piece. Do not sew it yet! Press 1/4″ then turn under and 3/4″. Then unfold the hems. Fold the lining piece in half right sides together lining up the short end and sew along the two long

7. Create the box corners for both the outer and lining pieces. Pinch apart one of the bottom corners of the bag, lining up the side seam with the fold line you pressed. Measure 1″ down from the point and draw a straight line across. Pin and sew along the line you marked, then trim off the excess. Repeat with second corner.

For more explanation on how to do a box corner check out these instructions on Sew 4 Home.

8. Wrong sides together place the lining inside the outer piece. Refold the hem you pressed in step 5 and sandwich the top raw edge of the outer piece under the hem so that the hem is showing on the outside of the treat bag. Topstitch along the bottom and top of the hem.


9. Cut the nylon webbing into two pieces measuring 16″ long. Using a heat source (matches, lighter, etc) heat seal the end. You could also use fray check if you wish.

10. Make a mark two inches from the side seams on the inside of the bag along both the front and back pieces. Line up the straps along the inside of each mark and pin in place, making sure that the strap is not twisted.attach-straps

11. Sew the straps on with an ‘x’ to make sure they’re secure.


And voilà! Your bag is done!





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