Girls BundleUp Tour: Gabriella Fae

Edit: March 11, 2017 Since the BundleUP sale is over, I have redirected the links to their Etsy shop.

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Pattern: Gabriella Fae by SisBoom*

Price: $10.00 (or buy as part of the BundleUP sale to get it as low as $4.00)

Size range: 12 months to 13/14 years

I sewed up a 4T for my daughter. She’s nearly 5 and is about 43″ tall and her chest measurement was borderline for the size 3T and 4T (at 21″) so I decided to go up to the 4T for growing room. I cut the sleeve and skirt lengths using the 5T length suggestions.

Gabriella Fae by SIsBoom sewn by Lulu & Celeste
I like the neckline and shoulder poofiness!


Gabriella Fae by SIsBoom sewn by Lulu & Celeste
Sleeves have multiple length options, this is about elbow length (11″ cutting line on the 4T)


Fabric recommended and used: light to medium weight fashion fabrics/cottons. I used a medium weight cotton from my stash that was nice and ‘flowy’.

Design changes/Pattern alterations made: None. Except I didn’t have a long enough zipper, so my zip is shorter than recommended.

Comments on the pattern/instructions: Like all Scientific Seamstress and SisBoom patterns the instructions are very easy to understand. The tutorial uses line drawings not pictures but I find them clear.

Overall thoughts on the finished item: I love the dress! To be honest, when it was done and lying on my table, I wasn’t so impressed, ha. But once I saw Silly wearing it, I saw that it was perfect for her. The puffy sleeves and the length of the dress and sleeves as well as the fabric match her personality perfectly. She’s very into fairies and princesses right now and the dress makes me think of garden fairies. (Maybe I’m reading too many books?)  Anyway, she loved the dress so much she wanted to wear it again the next day!

The only thing is since my serger is currently broken (I broke the needles and can’t find the screwdriver thingy to change them! [insert eye-roll and sigh here]), I’m not totally in love with some of the seam finishes. The hem for example is serged/zigzagged and pressed up once, next time I’ll fold it over twice to hide the zig zag edge since it’s not so clean looking once washed.

Will I make it again?: Yes, there are so many options with this dress, you can make lots of different versions. The bodice can be either plain or gathered as here; the sleeves have different length options (short, elbow, long, etc) or sleeveless; and the skirt has instructions for different lengths too.

Gabriella Fae by SIsBoom sewn by Lulu & Celeste
A quick shot of the back! …next time I’ll take the time to pattern match the seams!


 I also made the Phresh Blazer by WinterWear Designs, but this post was getting too long so I’ll be back in a couple days with a separate post. But here’s a little peek at the blazer I made!  ♥

Gabriella Fae by SIsBoom sewn by Lulu & Celeste

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Gabriella Fae from SisBoom sewn by Lulu & Celeste

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