Tutorial: Kitty Cat Hair Clip

Kitty Cat Hair Clip Tutorial by Lulu & Celeste

The post for this Kitty Cat hair clip was originally shared over at Rebel & Malice. You can see the original post here.

I originally created the tutorial as a quick gift idea for Rebel & Malice and it makes a great stocking stuffer. It also is a great Spring hair accessory. Kittens and other cute baby animals (ducks, chicks, bunnies, and puppies) always make me think of Spring. This project is easy enough that older children should be able to do it themselves. It’s also quick! Quick little projects are my absolute favourite. Depending on how fast you hand sew you could make several in an hour.

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Supplies to make a Kitty Cat Hair clip:

  • The Kitty Cat template
  • Scrap pieces of felt (I prefer wool-blend felt, but use what you have)
  • Embroidery thread: black for face and the colour to match your felt for binding.
  • Alligator clip (mine is covered with ribbon but it doesn’t need to be)
  • Scissors, embroidery needle
  • Optional: freezer paper (US*/Canada*), Sulky water soluble stabilizer (US*/Canada*), iron and ironing board–> if using the freezer paper)

Finished measurements: Approximately 2″ (wide and tall).

New to sewing with felt? Check out my tips here.

Kitty Cat Hair Clip tutorial by Lulu & Celeste


  1. Print out the Kitty Cat template.
  2. If using freezer paper, trace the cat shape onto the freezer paper, cut around it (don’t cut the cat out) and lightly iron to the felt. Now cut out the cat shape from the felt. To save time, you can trace two shapes onto the freezer paper. Otherwise remove the freezer paper from the piece you just cut out and re-iron onto new scrap of felt in order to get your second piece.
    If not using freezer paper, cut the Kitty Cat and pin to the felt. Cut out two pieces from felt.
  3. If using the Sulky stabilizer, trace the face onto the bumpy side, remove the paper backing and stick to the front of one cat shape. Embroider the face using French knots for the eyes and tiny backstitches for the mouth and whiskers.
    If not using Sulky you could either lightly draw your own face in pencil on the felt or just freehand it!
  4. On the second cat shape, cut two small slits about 1/4″ apart in the middle of the cat shape. The slits should be just wide enough to slide the alligator clip through. You want the top half of the clip going through the slits.
  5. Lay the embroidered cat shape face up on top of the cat shape now attached to the alligator clip. Using a whip stitch or a blanket stitch, stitch all around the edge of the cat shapes joining them together. I used a whip stitch for mine, it’s a bit quicker. The alligator clip is now sandwiched between the two layers.

And you’re done!

Kitty Cat Hair Clip tutorial by Lulu & Celeste

If you make one, I’d love to see it! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram @luluandceleste, or use the hashtag #luluandceleste!

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Links to purchase supplies:

If you want to purchase large amounts of wool-blend felt I like Prairie Point Junction. They’re in the US so if you’re in Canada (like me) be forewarned that there may be duty and customs charges when your felt arrives. For smaller sheets there are plenty of shops on Etsy that sell felt, or try Shiny Happy World (you can also purchase the Sulky stabilizer from there as well as lots of cute patterns!)

For the rest of the supplies, they can be found on Amazon (Canadian and US affiliate links below) or check your local craft shops for most of these supplies. Freezer paper is nearly impossible to find in Canada though, unless it’s the type shown in the Canadian widget and even then it’s hard to find. (I couldn’t find the alligator clips style I like the best on Amazon.com so they’re not included in those links).


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