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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you purchase a pattern through my links. I received the pattern for free for having been a tester but all opinions are my own. 🙂

It’s my turn on the Women’s Lorelei dress blog tour! Elizabeth from E-beth Designs is giving away three copies of the pattern. The link to the giveaway is at the bottom of this post, or you can enter straight from the E-Beth Designs blog. If you just can’t wait to find out if you win, you can purchase it now and get $3 off with the code blogtour. If you happen to win, you will be refunded!

I first found out about E-Beth Designs when a tester call was posted for the girl’s version of the Lorelei dress. I was lucky to be chosen and I sewed up a version for Baby V. So sweet! 

Baby V in her Lorelei dress

Ok, I had to share a picture of her. So cute!

Shortly after, Elizabeth posted a call for the women’s version. Ok I don’t sew much for myself, but I decided to try out for it anyway, and I was chosen! I had never made a dress for myself before, and at that point hadn’t sewn clothing for myself in years. It was a bit more difficult than the girl’s version. So much fabric!

This was my tester version:

Photo taken by my 4-year-old!

I love the 50s vibe of this dress. The dress is completely lined and the underskirt has a bit of tulle attached to give the dress a little more “poof”.

My original plan for the tour was to make a version in a fabric that was soft and lightweight since the one above was quite heavy. So I bought some rayon challis. I’m a bit of a procrastinator and was finishing it up just this past Saturday when hubby tells me that he thought the fabric was ugly. I lost a bit of my sewing mojo and was going to stop. (Evidently I’m quite affected by other people’s opinions, ha. But I hate getting my photo taken as it is and posting pics of myself is hard enough and if he thought it was ugly then chances are others would too, so I was feeling a little mopy). 

the offending dress

I didn’t want to totally bail on this blog tour, so I did what any other crafty person might do.. No I didn’t finish sewing the ugly dress, although I probably should have, instead I cut up my tester dress. The fabric really was heavy. It’s a medium weight stretch poplin and made the full length dress just so so heavy. I cut it down to a peplum.

yeah, the grass (and my hair! 😛 ) needs to be cut

The outdoor pic was taken using the timer, so I had to do a little running to make it back in the shot, so I’m looking a little dishevelled, haha.

I stole a belt off another dress. I like that it helps break up the stripes a bit and cinches in the waist a little.

To make it a peplum I measured from the bottom of the bodice to where I wanted the hem (+seam allowance) to hit. I took the skirt pattern piece and drew a shorter cut line. Then just laid the pattern piece down on top of the original dress and chopped the bottom of the dress right off! A little scary..

But, oh! It’s like 10 pounds lighter!  Note to self: medium-weight stretch cotton poplin, makes for a heavy dress.

Every post of myself should include at least one bathroom selfie right?

If I were to make it a peplum in the first place, I would measure the length I wanted after doing the muslin of the bodice. No point making a full-length dress if you’re just going to cut it up if you don’t have to!

The awesome part about this pattern is that it includes cup sizes A to DD in sizes 00-20. So there’s no need to do a FBA, you can just print out the cup size that you need. Still do your muslin though as may still need to make adjustments.

Pattern details:
-Sizes 00-20 (31″- 46″ chest) and cup sizes A to DD (in each size)
-Includes charts for fabric requirements, sizing chart, finished measurements
-Tips for measuring to find the right cup size, and how to lengthen or shorten the pattern pieces if you are taller or shorter
-Cutting layout guide, glossary of terms, and printing guide
-Clear instructions with colour pictures
-Instructions given for sewing in a regular or invisible zipper
-Pattern pieces are nested

I would say an adventurous beginner could sew this up. You need to do a zipper, and there are a few terms that were new to me (understitching mainly) but it is all explained well in the tutorial.

Giveaway link is here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

The other ladies on the blog tour are here:
(I especially love the Wonder Woman version 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest!!)

June 4th:  Sew Starly Mama Lusco
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