My Little Plumcake Spring line pattern test

Back in January I was picked to help test My Little Plumcake’s spring line of patterns. The patterns are the sweetest dress, skirt, shorts and blouse.

The patterns are sold in a bundle of all four or individually. The bundle sells for $29.25 in the Etsy shop but the first 100 can get the bundle for $21 with the code ‘Collection2014’. There is also a discount code for 15% off if you’re not interested in the whole bundle ‘Spring14’.

Here are my versions on Baby V:

The Harper blouse and Chloe pleated skirt. LOVE!

Those puff sleeves!

The Maddalie Spring dress (which I made with a fun fabric for her to wear to big sis’ birthday party)

The Addie Spring shorts

I had such a hard time trying to pick a favourite. At first it was the skirt. The skirt was my first time ever doing pleats! Love them. ♥ Also it has inseam pockets! But then I made the shorts, and they were just so darn cute with the little pleated detail in the front. The dress is so pretty too. A little tricky with the little gathers though. And the blouse is so classic looking, and the bow is so sweet!

I love all the little details that are put into her patterns.

The shorts can also have a cuff at the bottom. But without the cuff it has the same sort of detail that is on the dress. Hard to see in the pictures maybe but at the bottom of the seams where the front and back meet there is a little upside down ‘v’ almost. My sleepy brain can’t think of the right term to use at the moment. The shorts kind of do the same thing.

Also, should know that there is a bit of hand sewing involved in the dress and skirt (attaching the lining to the yoke). It completes the professional detail.

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