Mystery Challenge returns! Woodstock ’69

The Mystery Challenge is such a fun blog hop. I suppose to outsiders it doesn’t seem too mysterious since the themes are known at the beginning of the tour, so I’ll explain it a little bit. Each participating blogger is randomly assigned another blogger (and you are assigned a different blogger) to choose your theme for you. Its fun. It forces you to think outside the box a bit, maybe doing something you wouldn’t have thought of trying.

Mystery Challenge

The theme that was given to me was Woodstock ’69. Which to be honest was kinda fitting since I’ve been “accused” of being hippie-like in the past.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why people have said that about me… Maybe it was the long hair as a teen? My laid back ways? The fact that I knew much more about 60s music than 90s music when I was a teen? Or possibly its just because I once converted my jeans into bell bottoms the way my mum had when she was a teen in the 60s? Ha! Anyway, I dunno, I really never felt hippie-ish. Anyway, I’m digressing.

Woodstock 69 look by Lulu&Celeste

So I went on google and did a google image search looking for pictures of outfits people wore to Woodstock. And well, other than the people going around in their birthday suits, there seemed to be a lot of fringe, denim, loose and flowy tops, vests, long dresses, short dresses, and just plain old tees. Really, in some ways people dress exactly the same nowadays. But there was a lot to be inspired by. I really, really wanted to make something with fringe but I’m on a strict self imposed no buying unless absolutely necessary kick (thread being a necessity but not fringe) and due to the fact that I had to go back to work full-time due to financial reasons, I have almost no sewing time left and so no time to make my own fringe. So I decided on making a vest, flowy pants and a tee. But I ran out of time to make the tee so it’s a store bought top.

My little hippie… The bag had belonged to my dad which he gave to me when I was maybe 7 or 8. Maybe that’s why people thought I was a hippie. I remember in highschool a friend of mine getting a brand new World Famous bag, I think they had gotten popular at some point in the 90s? I don’t know, I’m not good at knowing (or remembering) what’s trendy.

For the vest I modified a free pattern, the Mademoiselle tee, and you can read a little more about the vest here.

For the pants I used a pattern from my stash, the Easy Fits by the Scientific Seamstress. The pattern is designed for wovens but I used a nice drapey knit. I cut the 3t width with a 5t length for my skinny girl, but cut the elastic based on her actual waist measurements which if I remember correctly was closer to the 2t measurements. The pants seem super comfy, and she kept them on all day and said they were comfy and soft. If I had enough of this knit I would definitely make myself a pair since they would make great lounging around the house pants. I was a little iffy about the Easy Fits because the pattern uses the same rise for both the front and back but it works! At least for her size. I do plan on making the Easy Fits in my size eventually to make PJ pants so I’ll see how it does in adult sizes.


The tee, like I said before, is store bought.

I think altogether it makes for a good Woodstock ’69 look. And both pieces will work on their own as well. Silly Bean loves crazy prints for pants and leggings, so these will definitely be worn. The vest I’m not sure if it will get worn much, but I won’t let that bother me, maybe little sis will wear it if Silly won’t.


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