Mystery Challenge: Rosie the Riveter

The Mystery Challenge is a fun challenge. You basically challenge yourself to create something (anything) based on a theme chosen for you by someone else. (That’s the mystery part of it, you don’t know what your challenge theme will be until after your partner is chosen).

I found this theme to be even more challenging than the last one. Not just coming up with an idea of what to make, but also depending on where you read the Rosie the Riveter everyone thinks is Rosie (image below), according to some is not. So confused!

image courtesy of anywhere on the web :P Although this one I found on Wikipedia
image courtesy of anywhere on the web 😛 Although this one I found on Wikipedia


This is the real Rosie the Riveter apparently:

(Photo from Wikipedia)


At first I thought I would make a cute little Miss V version of Rosie the Riveter, but 1. it’s an idea that’s been done by celebs and Halloween costumes many times so I decided that it wouldn’t be challenging enough, and 2. I just pulled out the hand me downs in size 2 and oh gosh, there is just so much Miss V doesn’t need any more clothes! So then I thought about making Silly Bean into a Rosie but again reason #1 above applies here as well, and #2 well, she could do with more clothes but if it’s not pink anywhere it’s like pulling teeth to get her to cooperate for pictures so it wasn’t worth the trouble.

So then after finding the Rosie The Riveter website and seeing that they sell the We Can Do It poster in their shop, I decided it’d be ok after all to do something based on that poster. So I thought I would make a little purse based on the colours of the poster. I was going to use the FABulous Home Sewn Sunburst clutch pattern but halfway through cutting the pieces out, realised that I didn’t have a zipper in the right colour and no time to go pick one up! (I left things thing a little late…) I will still finish up the clutch, I think the it’s perfect design for doing the colours of the poster.

Then I read this quote on the Rosie The Riveter website:

Rosie the Riveter is a reminder to all of us to try new things, test our limits, and believe in ourselves and others. These tales of dedication and courage can inspire us!

So I decided to try something new. No, I didn’t go try welding or carpentry, although those would have been great Rosie activities to do. Instead I decided to try embroidery. I’ve been wanting to make a wall hanging for awhile with an embroidery hoop but never got around to it. I’ve never done embroidery before, although I did do cross stitching when I was younger (from about age 9 to my late teens).

At first I thought I would just embroider the phrase ‘We Can Do It” but I figured it’s a phrase that’s a little overdone (and well, a feminine activity like embroidery doesn’t really go along with the spirit of the work that the Rosie the Riveter trust does). So I changed it to Be Creative. Works well for the craft room I think.

and of course since I was running late on this I wasn't able to get the final pics done, I will update tonight with finished pics!
and of course since I was running late on this I wasn’t able to get the final pics done, I will update tonight with finished pics!


It’s not perfect, but I like it. I’ll update the post tonight with the completed pics. I went to take pictures this morning (yep I was running real behind) and the battery was running super low and Silly Bean has a dance concert in a couple hours so need to recharge the battery so I can take pictures of the dance!

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Challenge: Rosie the Riveter

  1. I love this post. I had just learned the same thing about the original Rosie. The quote was perfect for this post and you wrapped this challenge up beautifully.

    1. Oh, thank you 🙂 I wasn’t really sure about it (the whole post, my project, etc). AND I just remembered I still need to upload the pictures of it finished too.

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