One Thimble Issue 10 Blog Tour + Giveaway!

One Thimble Magazine Issue 10 Blog Tour
Yay! I’m back with another One Thimble Tour! This time it’s Issue 10, the Autumn issue. (It’s Fall in Australia after all).
I was lucky and made up two patterns from this tour and tested a third!

I tested one of the versions of the Adventure Flags pattern submitted by Stephanie of Swoodson Says, and was given two other patterns to showcase for the tour. The Jolie Skirt from Filles a Maman, and the Pretend Play Adventure Kit from Felt With Love designs.
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*). If you purchase something after clicking the link I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I received the patterns being reviewed for free either from pattern testing or for featuring on this tour.


Before we start, I just wanted to say that I really love the cover of this issue*. I think the organizer did a great job of showcasing many of the patterns in this issue!
First up, the Pretend Play Adventure Kit*. I have to say I’m rather disappointed in MYSELF. I (or rather the kids) managed to lose two of the pieces I had made between the time they were finished and by the time I was able to get photos. The fourth item, the compass isn’t quite finished though. BUT I absolutely loved the ones I made. As you may or may not know I love working with felt, and these were fun to make too! And as you can see Little Miss V loves the magnifying glass!
Below she’s using the magnifying glass to inspect her Jolie skirt. I tried to get her to look at different objects for pictures but she kept saying “I look at my skirt”. 2-year-olds!
One Thimble Magazine Issue 10 Blog Tour - Adventure Kit
Here are the items included in the Pretend Play Adventure Kit pattern:
Pretend Play Adventure Kit Stand Alone Cover
These would make great gifts for little kids, especially those who aren’t quite ready to be trusted with the real thing! If you love working with felt you should check out Felt With Love Designs blog for more cute patterns and tutorials from them! (You can also check out my tutorials page too!)
The next item I’m showcasing is the Jolie Skirt* from Filles a Maman. I have made many of their patterns in the past.
I sewed up Version B of the pattern, Version A has a cute front pleat which I will try out next time. I love all patterns from FAM. They’re well-drafted, include layers (so you print the size(s) you need) and available in French and English!
One Thimble Magazine Issue 10 Blog Tour - jolie skirt
One Thimble Magazine Issue 10 Blog Tour - jolie skirt
Finally I wanted to show the version of the Adventure Flag I made when I tested it:
One Thimble Magazine Issue 10 Blog Tour - Adventure Flag
This was fun to make, I have plans to make some of the other styles soon! Check out Stephanie’s post HERE to see more versions of the Adventure Flags!

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    1. Aww thank you! I was trying to think of a way to get her to pose with your flag in another shot too but nothing was coming to me!

  1. Somehow I missed this post! I love the magnifying glass and would love to see photos of the rest of the set if you ever managed to track it down! My daughter does the same thing when I finish a project. Too funny.

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