OT Tour Issue 16: Mermaid doll and shell

I’m back with another One Thimble tour post! I’m in love with this issue. The theme for this issue is Under the Sea and there is so much mermaid inspiration to be found! I made the cutest little felt mermaid doll! Felt + embroidery + softie pattern + mermaids = one happy lady ๐Ÿ™‚

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One Thimble Issue 16

In case you haven’t heard of One Thimble* already, they are an Australian based digital sewing magazine. Each issue usually features around 6-10 full size patterns, plus numerous tutorials and articles related to sewing and business sewing. The issues sell for $25 AUD and occasionally there are sales in case you need to pick up any back issues.

I’ve sewn patterns from these issues many times. Last time was The Hipster Bear, and I’ve made two and have another two nearly complete. I love that bear. You can see all the past projects I’ve made from One Thimbleย HERE.

This time the theme was Under the Sea, and well, another softie pattern for me! Most of the other blog reviewers jump all over the dresses. Me, I go straight for the softies or anything with felt, ha.

Mermaid doll sewn by Lulu & Celeste
poor landlocked mermaid…. she can’t wait to visit the ocean!

For a handsewn project it sewed up fairly quickly. I think the longest was needing to wait for the felt to dry before moving on to the next steps. (I used Sulky solvy stabilizer as recommended and it needs to be washed off). I worked on my project at work on my breaks and was complete in probably around two hours from cut to finish (not including drying times).

I didn’t follow the recommended colours for my mermaid. A- I didn’t have them on hand and I need to order my wool blend felt online. And B- well, she’s a mermaid she can be purple if she wants to be! …But mainly A.

I haven’t been doing embroidery for too long, I was happy to try some new stitches out. Like the lazy daisy stitch for the flowers.

Mermaid doll sewn by Lulu & Celeste

Hubby decided to create a beachy background in chalk for my little mermaid. Those are palm trees in case you can’t tell.

Mermaid doll sewn by Lulu & Celeste

There are clickable links to videos that explain the different stitches included in the pattern, which I thought was a nice detail to add.

As you may notice I did the hair a little differently, I wanted to try out a sort of random backstitching type thing I’ve seen used to do hair.

Mermaid doll sewn by Lulu & Celeste


Mermaid doll sewn by Lulu & Celeste

All in all I think she turned out pretty cute! My oldest is super happy, and my youngest has ordered her own mermaid. A win-win in my books!

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Official Mermaid pocket doll and shell picture

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Mermaid Pocket doll and Shell sewn by Lulu & Celeste. This pattern is found in Issue 16 of One Thimble Magazine and features embroidery and hand sewing. Super cute!
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