Pattern Test: E+M Patterns Girl’s Skirt Pattern No. 5

Let me start this off by saying that I really like how Allison, from E+M Patterns (affiliate link), names her patterns. Girl’s skirt pattern no. 5. You know right off what it is! Its a skirt, it’s for girls (although I suppose boys could wear it if they want, I don’t think Allison would stop them). Its also pattern number 5. Which begs the question. Where are patterns number 3 and 4??


Ok, but honestly, after awhile I start to get all the patterns with girls names mixed up. So when the names are straightforward like these ones are, I can’t possibly get confused. (But knowing me I’ll figure out a way to confuse myself)


What else do I love about Allison and her patterns? Well, she’s Canadian! Go Canada! Its really quite fun how many Canadian designers I’ve been able to test for.

Another thing to love about her patterns, and one the best things besides the designs themselves, are the seam finishes. Not everyone has a serger (or if they’re like me they haven’t figured out how to use it yet after 3 months of it sitting on the table..) Or even if they do have a serger maybe they don’t really like for the edges to show. In Girl’s Skirt Pattern No. 5 Allison shows you how to do a clean seam finish. All the raw edges are turned under and stitched down, so the skirt looks as pretty on the inside as it does on the outside.

Pattern details:
-Comes in sizes 2-10. And its easy to modify the pattern to fit your kid. SillyBean measured for the size 2 in the waist but needed the 4 for length. Super easy to do! I just cut all the width measurements for the size 2 and all the lengths as size 4

-There is an optional underskirt. Its cute with or without.


No pattern pieces to cut out, which is nice. I don’t really like spending time printing and taping together pattern pieces only to find out that its just a rectangle or square. (!)

The instructions are clear and detailed.

The designer, Allison, is just great to work with in general.

Unfortunately SillyBean has been going through a phase where she only wants her picture taken when I’m taking pics of her baby sis, so most of the pictures turn out like this.

But this is the attitude I get a lot, hah

But I’m hoping that now that its finally starting to look like Spring is here I’ll be able to trick her by having her wear the clothes I made while she plays outside (in the dirt).

And if I’m lucky the pictures will look nice.

Have I convinced you to go check out E+M patterns (affiliate link) yet? …I hope so.

And if you’re wanting to add hip pockets and/or piping to your skirt, check out Deborah’s blog here. Deborah is the face behind Sprouting JubeJube, and she knows a lot more about sewing than I do so check out her blog to see her creations (and read the tutorial).


Till next time!

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