Pattern testing!

So a few months ago I discovered the world of PDF patterns through different groups on Facebook. I think it started when I stumbled upon Ellie Inspired on the internet and then found all the other pattern designers from there. (*Side note: Some of these pattern designers have blogs that I’ve been following for years, and they started selling patterns a year or so ago but didn’t take the plunge to actually try a pattern out until recently. I feel like I’m six degrees from a movie star!)

Every once in awhile on their Facebook pages they post testing calls, as they need people to test out their patterns in different sizes before they get put up for sale. Well, last week I got lucky and was picked to test a pair of playtime pants in Silly Bean’s size, and then got picked to test a peasant dress in Baby V’s size. And then this week, again a pair of pants for both Silly Bean and Baby V and just now an adorable pinafore for Baby V.

Cannot wait to post pics. Will do as soon as the patterns are released! 🙂

And in case you’re wondering how it works, for the most part, the pattern designer emails you a rough copy of the pattern, you sew it up and try it on the child (or yourself) and provide feedback on the fit and how well you understood the pattern instructions, find typos, etc. And then when the pattern is released they send you a final copy of the pattern. Fun! You get to sew (and use up some of your fabric stash), and help a designer out and get a free pattern in the end! Whee!


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