Perfect Playtime Pants by PetitBebe

Last week I also got lucky and was able to test a pants pattern by PetitBebe called the Perfect Playtime Pants. These are a great pair of pants for both girls and boys for playing around in.

They’re a cute harem style pant, and honestly, my pictures don’t do them justice. My daughter loved them but wasn’t in the mood for photos, so I got what I could that day.

They have also have elastic at the ankles which is great for climbing because they stay in place!

She loved them so much she actually asked to wear them the next day! Success in my books.

They really are a great playtime pant, so easy for her to move around in while playing in the park.

The pattern called for using a gusset, which I had never done before, but other than that it was an easy and fast sew.

The pattern goes up to a size 5T for now and the larger sizes will be released next week!

I think I will make another pair and try adding some cargo style pockets. My daughter loves to go out collecting things and filling her pockets up.

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