Robot Halloween Costume

For Halloween 2013 hubby and I collaborated on Silly Bean’s costume. Little Miss V was just a few months old (and had colic for all of September and half of October) so I didn’t have much time to work on a costume by myself.

robot costume by Lulu&Celeste

My contribution to this was to sew the fleece cover to fit over the box and sewing the helmet.

For the helmet I measured the circumference of Silly Bean’s head and then cut out a rectangle for the neck/face part. I drew a huge oval for her face (cuz, well she needed to see where she was going!) and sewed around the edge (for detail) and then cut out the oval. I the sewed the rectangle to the oval piece to make a tube shape. Nothing fancy here. If anyone wants an actual tutorial let me know and I’ll work on one!

Hubby is an electrician so of course the robot needed working lights!

lights on!

lights off!

He bought the little battery light sets from the dollar store and hooked them up to the switch, poked the holes through the box and fleece and the arm thing. And voila! My super non-electrical explanation of what he did.

He bought some pink duct tape to add some pink detail for my pink loving (at the time) 3-year-old.

And well, this costume was also a hit! During a night full of little kids in store-bought costumes, the handmade ones stand out. Hubby said people were having playing with the switch, and teen boys were pointing out her costume to their friends! Hubby was so proud! lol

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