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So excited to be taking part in this tour! Boy sewing is something I don’t do often, as I only have daughters. I do have nephews though, and one of them, “L” will be having a birthday soon!

 Disclaimer: I received the e-book free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own of course!


I decided to sew up the Quad Tee for L even though the pattern only starts at 2T, I figured he’d grow into soon enough, and if not he can wear it next summer. (Great thing about making things too big, eventually the kid grows into it :P)

I wanted to make a top for my other nephew “J” who is 4.5 but I didn’t have enough of the blue to do the layout I chose, so little L got the top instead. So I’ll be ordering more of that blue and sewing him up some of these tees, because it was so fun to colour block!

Even though it would have been too big on L I still wanted to do the photoshoot with him but alas, I wasn’t able to make it happen. So little Miss V stood in and was the model! The fit is pretty spot on! She’s at the smaller end of the range for the size XXS.

She really does play with the trucks.


The Quadrilateral Tee pattern is one of the four full-sized patterns included in the e-book ‘S’ is for Sewing. It’s regular price is $19.95 but it’s currently 15% off for this week only! (no discount code is needed). ‘S’ is for Sewing is the second e-book collaboration from Sewing with Boys. The Quad Tee was designed by Addie Martindale who also is the designer behind AddieK.

Check the chart below for full pattern details:quadteechart

What I really liked about this pattern:

  • I love the colour blocking! Not sure why I’ve never done it for my girls, but it seems that girl clothing doesn’t use colour blocking very often. Or at least doesn’t use it like this with solid colours.
  • I love the cute little pocket in the front! (see in the detail pic below)


What I hated about this pattern:

  • Umm, nothing! This is a great twist on the basic tee pattern.

Fabric details: I used Robert Kaufman knits purchased from Fabric.com.

and one more shot of the shirt in action:

She’s in the crazy hair stage..

You really need to check out the e-book. There is so much packed in there! I will be definitely using Gemia’s tips for shooting back-to-school photos that are included. (Silly Bean is starting Kindergarten in the Fall, wah!) Also I love the tips from Kelly on building a handmade school wardrobe. She put together 10 looks:  Bookworm, Casual Cool, Creative Genius, Gym Class, Hipster, Layered Fun, Natural Prep, Playground Fun, Smarty Pants, and Teacher’s Pet; and includes pattern ideas for each look. Very fun how she pulled the looks all together.

There is so much more! I’ll be back in a couple days with a couple of the extras that I’ve sewn up, the First Day Pocket Lovey, and the Envelope Pencil Pouch.

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