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In case you don’t already know about them, there’s a cute online clothing retailer called Tea Collection. They sell clothing for boys and girls that are fairly affordable, and they ship to Canada too! Their styles are practical and the fabric and prints they use are fun and inspiring! They even have a category of clothing they sell in which a portion of the proceeds are donated to a charity.


They’re a pretty cool company actually. They’re passionate about travel, so every employee receives a travel allowance so that they have a chance to travel and discover the world. They also make sure to work only with reputable manufacturers who follow high standards for working conditions, you can read more about that here.




Why the heck would someone who sews clothes for their daughters care about an online store? Well, I can’t always sew everything I want, and Tea Collection’s style are pretty much exactly what I like and what my children like wearing. I have a sewing-to-do list about a mile long (I know, I’m Canadian but the saying sounds weird to my ears if I say a ‘kilometre long’) and like I mentioned earlier their prices are fairly reasonable even factoring in the cost of shipping, and especially when you’re purchasing the items on sale! Not to mention it can be impossible at times to find cute fabric like you see being used in their shop in Canada. So, sometimes its’ just easier and faster to buy something.


Anyway, go check them out! Get inspired to sew for your children, or take advantage of their summer sale and purchase something. Also, if you sign up for their newsletter you get a discount code for your first purchase, so don’t forget to sign up while you’re there.

Next month I plan to start a new series/theme where I sew up a look inspired by an outfit found in retail shops. I know, it’s an idea that gets done a lot, but I like doing themes and series because I find that like lists, they help me to stay on task and actually complete projects. For the moment I’m calling it ‘Sew Inspired’ lol. The first look will be something for my older girl since she actually could use some new clothes. Like shorts, she owns exactly one pair and it’s summer now (or at least it will be if it ever stops raining around here!) And I have a fabric stash I’m trying to use up. The first outfit will be inspired by something at Tea Collection. Can’t wait to show you what I make!
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