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A little while back I was invited by Melissa of Rebel & Malice to take part in the Sew ‘n Style series hosted by Lil Luxe Collection. In true Ula style however, I held off on starting my sewing for the collection and alas, fell behind. In my defense there were medical issues and I didn’t want to sew too far in advance in case Silly Bean had a sudden growth spurt.

I thought for a long time on what look to go for define my collection. I wanted something practical, school appropriate, and good for fall weather. I went to the fabric store and saw this plaid fabric that was the perfect colour for my daughter (pink and purple!) and finally it clicked! 90s grunge! I was a teenager in the 90s and wore plaid shirts and grandpa tees all the time. So I decided to come up with a more updated 90s look for my 5-year-old.

The first look I was inspired by the tees-with-jeans-and-a-plaid-shirt-tied-around-my-waist look. I tried to find a pic online but apparently real 90s outfits are hard to find pics of, all I can find are of the 90s revival fashion shots. Anyway.. I knew I a plain tee wouldn’t fly with my Silly Bean, so I attached the plaid skirt to the top to make a dress.

Modified Charming tee from Lil Luxe sewn by Lulu & Celeste
Not sure what she’s doing with her hands here, but she absolutely HAD to pose like that!

I modified the Charming tee and dress pattern slightly for this dress. I closed up the back (easy, just skip cutting out the circle) and instead of adding the waistband, I sewed the skirt on. I would have liked the skirt to be longer but I had just two squares about 16″x16″ of this plaid left over from the dress I made Miss V here last year. I cut the two squares in half and made one long rectangle that I gathered to make the skirt. I also doubled up the front bodice simply because the knit is a little on the thin side, I just basted the two layers together and treated it like one layer.

For the next look, I was again going for the typical plaid shirt and jeans look from the 90s. The Rouche top was a perfect update for the plaid shirt look. It sewed up real quick and nice. Unfortunately I must have been asleep when I was cutting it out because I wound up cutting out a straight 6 size instead of a 4 width with 6 length. Oops! She’ll get to wear it for awhile yet. I pinned it in the back for the pics here because it’s too wide otherwise and falls off her shoulders.

My other late night sewing booboo… The Slim trousers mess up. 🙁 Waah! I printed out the pattern pieces wrong and didn’t check my box. Always check the print test box! They’re way too slim, and didn’t get over her legs so I’ve ripped them apart to try to shorten them for Miss V but I haven’t finished that yet. So for pics the Rouche top is paired with some RTW jeans. Style collection fail.

Rouche top pattern by Lil Luxe Collection, sewn by Lulu & Celeste
This is the plaid fabric that helped me figure out the theme!

Finally my third look I went with a Courtney Love inspired look. A dress with a pan collar.
(The pin board widget keeps disappearing so for now the link to the pin until I figure this out!)

I used the Sweet Pea dress from Rabbit Rabbit Creations. I’ll post a full review of this dress next week. But for now I think it works with the grunge look I was going for.

Sweet Pea dress pattern by Rabbit Rabbit Creations sewn by Lulu & Celeste
After school is not the best time to take pictures…


I have a Peek-a-boo hoodie in the works. I had bought this awesome knit fabric which would have worked great with the plaids and fit in so well, but unfortunately I didn’t realize how thin it was. It also hangs fairly heavily, I think it might work as an open cardigan maybe or just as infinity scarves.

Read more about the Sew ’n Style Series and visit the contest page with Link up where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors.


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  1. hahaha she’s doing the velociraptor pose! My daughter Paisley does that ALL.THE.TIME. LOL I adore that plaid Rouche Top and love your sweet pea dress! They are darling!

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