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6 Degrees of Separation Cover pic Lulu & Celeste: An outfit inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas

When I first heard about this Sew the Show tour, I was so excited! I’ve always loved the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game thingy, I find the whole idea of it mildly fascinating. When it came time to sign up though, it was so strangely nerve wracking and I had to constantly refresh my screen in order to get my chance to participate. The first choice would be picked and then I would quickly google all the actors in that movie/show and then google all the movies or shows that one of the actors (from the first choice) was in. Then try to be the first person to post my idea. It was crazy…

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But I managed to get a spot!

For the purposes of this tour, each stop is one degree away from the stop right before it, starting with Becca of Free Notion who chose a show that Kyra Sedgewick is in (Kyra Sedgewick being Kevin Bacon’s wife and thus one degree from him). Check out all the stops after Becca’s to see how we wound up here with me and the movie I chose.

Have you guessed it yet?

Nightmare Before Christmas.

Don’t worry, I know… It isn’t very obvious.

Six Degrees of Separation Tour: A look inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas

Originally I wanted to somehow choose The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore in it only because through that movie I am just 3 degrees* from Kevin Bacon, but it didn’t happen. But I was so excited to grab a spot and use Nightmare Before Christmas! I thought it would be fun to sew a look inspired by an animated movie. I got to Nightmare Before Christmas through Catherine O’Hara who did the voice of Sally. I ♥ her. Catherine O’Hara was in Waiting for Guffman, the movie chosen by Ajaire.

When you’re “sewing a show” you can go completely literal and sew an exact copy of an outfit or take some elements (colours, lines, shapes) and make an inspired-by outfit. I decided to make my 2-year-old a look inspired by Jack Skellington’s outfit. Unfortunately by the time I decided on doing a knit top, it was too late to order fabric and had to look locally. The only thing close was this striped fabric I found at Fabricville, no plain black and white stripes in knit at all 🙁

Six Degrees of Separation Tour: A look inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s an awesome Ponti di Roma knit fabric though and was great to sew. It has a good weight, and Miss V seemed comfy in it.

Six Degrees of Separation Tour: A look inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas

Even if she wasn’t the most willing model.

Outfit and Pattern Details:

I based this look on the inspiration board I created which you can see below. I totally cheated though and used store bought pants for her instead of sewing up a pair. She already had three pairs of black knit pants, she didn’t really need a fourth. The top pattern is the Otium pattern* by Sofilantjes. I sewed a size 3 (one size up) with a plain front and back, but it has options for a large front pocket (which I sewed in this version shown here) and a bow back. I was originally going to make a large bow like my inspiration top (below) but lost my fabric in the black hole that is my sewing room, so instead made a small bow out of a scrap piece which managed to survive the disappearance.

My Inspiration board:

After many hours of browsing some of my favourite shops online, I found the top pictured below from Tea Collection that was the perfect inspiration! It has stripes, and a bow at the neck! Perfectly perfect to copy Jack’s coat with the fun collar! (Or is it a bowtie? Not sure.)

Six Degrees of Separation, A Sew the Show Tour: An Everday Jack Skellington Look
Top: Parejas Bow Top, $29.50 US Tea Collection*; Pants: Skinny Solid Leggings, $17.95 US (sale price) from Tea Collection*; Boots: Old Navy (but I can’t find them on their site anymore)

The other Inspiration boards:

I decided I would share with you the other two inspiration boards I came up with. Both are looks for girls, although I used  a woman’s dress for one of them. The Holiday Party look was the other look I was debating sewing up.

(Holiday) Party Look:

Six Degrees of Separation, A Sew the Show Tour: A Party Time Jack Skellington Look
Dress: Modcloth (but I can’t find it on the site anymore) Sweater: Copo de Nieve Cardigan, $44.95 US (sale price) Tea Collection* Boots: Collette in Black, $79.99 US (sale price), Joyfolie

The dress has the stripes in the skirt similar to Jack’s outfit. The boots have bows on them which made me think of the collar (bowtie?) on his jacket. And well, the cardigan was simply to have something to wear with the dress so my kiddo’s arms don’t freeze. At some point I will make a girl version of this outfit for Silly Bean. …but maybe not in white up top. Although I would adjust the bodice so that it’s not a deep v.

Upscale Event Look:

Six Degrees of Separation, A Sew the Show Tour: A Dressy Jack Skellington Look
Jacket: Spencer Jacket in Black, $68 US Dress: Etta Dress in Blush, $80 US Boots: Farrah, $85.99 US (sale price). All from Joyfolie

The skirt of the dress reminds me of how Jack’s coat flares out. And the jacket is slightly fitted like his coat as well. The boots are slightly edgy which works with a Jack inspired look I think. Plus the colour scheme is black and white.

I hope you enjoyed my look. What do you think? Was it an ok interpretation of Jack’s outfit?


*So, just how am I connected to Kevin Bacon: Demi Moore was in A Few Good Men with KB (1 degree). Demi Moore filmed A Scarlet Letter in the town in Nova Scotia where I lived when I was little and where my parents visit every year. Half the town, including some friends of my parents who live down the road from them, were extras in the movie (2 degrees). I know these people. Which makes me 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon!

Also, I’m 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon through another way. From a former friend who acted in a couple small films and was extras in bigger films. I found that link by putting the friend’s name in the Oracle of Bacon. It’s fun, although not completely accurate. You can try it out and see if anyone you know is linked to Kevin Bacon here.

Full Tour dates and stops:

Monday Dec. 7: Free Notion | Creative Counselor
Tuesday Dec. 8: A Jennuine Life | Climbing the Willow | Bonus Stops! Rebel and Malice | Cindy ParrettWednesday Dec. 9: Lauren Fazio | Falafel and the Bee | Bonus Stop! That’s What She Crafted
Thursday Dec. 10: Paisley Roots | The Wholesome Mama
Friday Dec. 11: It’s Been Taylored | Mae & K
Monday Dec. 14: Simple.Blessed | Pincushion Porcupine
Tuesday Dec. 15: Call Ajaire | Lulu & Celeste
Wednesday Dec. 16: Work Pray Sew | Pear Berry Lane | Bonus Stop! Adventures With Bubba and Bug
Thursday Dec. 17: Ali Cat & Co | Feathers Flights | Bonus Stops! Friends Stitched Together | Knot Sew Normal
Friday Dec. 18: MSL Creations | Creative Counselor | Bonus Stop! Make It Sew Seattle

If you decide to play along and sew up a look inspired by a stop on the tour (or any other show/movie), you can tag your projects with #sewtheshow, #sewsixdegrees or #baconsewsexy on social media.

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