Sneak peek at the spring line coming from My Little Plumcake

My Little Plumcake has the sweetest designs, I love them all!

I was super excited to get the email from Michelle saying that I was accepted as one of her regular pattern testers for her new pattern line. I did some quiet screaming (so as not to wake the baby) and a little happy dance.

I’m so excited to show you a sneak peek at the high-waisted pleated skirt pattern (not it’s final name) coming soon (by March) to My Little Plumcake

Ok, that’s not the real sneak peek. But the fabric is so so pretty!
Here you go. The pleats! ♥ And there are removable straps to help hold the skirt up. And if only hubby had been around to hold her up for pics, the fullness of the skirt … ♥
Don’t mind the spot just to the left of her pretty face.
My camera has some hot pixels, boo, that show up mostly in light blue apparently
Can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeves for spring!
Check out My Little Plumcake on Etsy here, and on Facebook here.
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