Sunday Lately: .. A day late, oops!


Lots of of cleaning. I’m in a decluttering mood the past two weeks and managed to fill up two boxes and 3 garbage bags of stuff to donate. Most of it is baby clothes that Miss V has outgrown since I have now pulled out the 2T hand-me-downs out for her. I’ve also been following the KickButt Declutter Challenge on Each challenge takes less than 10 minutes to do so it’s super easy for me to find time to actually follow something.


My dad. Hubby started a new job this week! (Yay! No longer unemployed!) However, because I’m still on weight lifting restrictions I wasn`t able to take Miss V in the pool for her swimming lessons. My dad came to the rescue and went in the water with her for her final week of classes.


Some felt Christmas decorations for a craft show in December. Last year the gingerbread ones I made were a big hit, hopefully I can expand on that little success!


I’ve been humming ‘Hush little baby’ a lot lately. Singing my oldest to sleep was one of the only ways to get her to fall asleep when she was a toddler, and I made up a bunch of lyrics to the song to make it more interesting for me while singing it over and over. I’ve started singing it to Miss V but most of the time she tells me to stop. LOL She just turned 2 and already a singing critic!


To be doing lots of sewing in the next few weeks. I have a couple reviews and blog tours coming up and next month is the Time For School Capsule tour and the Momiform Makeover happening.


Next week I’ll try to get some pictures in the post..

Sunday Lately with Katy, Nicole and Meghan.


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