Sweet ‘n’ Sassy bubble shorts by Little Kiwis Closet

I recently tested the Sweet ‘n’ Sassy bubble shorts by Little Kiwis Closet in the infant sizes.

SO cute! But my pictures don’t show them off real well. Like the picture above, you can barely even see them. But I had to include it because, well, she kinda looks a like a surfer boy and it makes me laugh.

The shorts have a side panel and there are options to include bows (as pictured) or two different styles of pockets. You can play around with that part a lot, different fabrics and so on. Fun!

I’ll be making the girls some for the summer. But I’ll wait a bit before making them in case they have another growth spurt!

The shorts also come in children sizes up to 12y. Go to take a look at her shop!

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