Monthly Blog & Personal Goals : : January 2017

It’s a new month and a new year. Yay! Happy New Year everyone!

I will be posting this smaller blog and personal goals every month. I also have some larger goals for the entire year but I will share those at another time.

Blog and Personal Goals for January 2017

Blog Goals

  1. Update 5 old posts for SEO and Pinterest (and adding in affiliate links). I’m going to start with the posts that are the most viewed then move to any that might be relevant to any upcoming holidays.
  2. Create a landing page. I started one in the past but never finished it.
  3. Schedule old posts to share on social media using Buffer.
  4. Write 6-8 posts
  5. Post more frequently on IG (I’m working up to posting 3x week). I need to carve out some time to take and edit photos.
  6. Create one tutorial

Personal Goals

  1. Limit my FB surfing to 15-20 minutes per day. It is so easy to get sucked in for way longer than I planned.
  2. Plan meals for the week the Saturday before (or even the Friday before). Try to include more veggies, and at least one meatless supper per week.
  3. Exercise more. It’s hard to incorporate a workout right now, I’d prefer to work out first thing in the morning but I don’t really want to wake up at 5am. For this month, my goal will be 15 minutes of cardio per day and doing some light weights 3x a week for 15 minutes. I want to focus on my arms and belly, (and thighs while I’m at it). I also eventually want to do yoga once per week but I think I will work the yoga in next month.
  4. Stop drinking pop! I need to find an alternative. Water gets boring after a while and I drink those bottles of juice way quicker than a bottle of pop, so juice is not much better.
  5. Comment on three blogs per week. I read lots of blogs but I don’t leave comments too often. I’ll change that!
  6. Meet up with a friend. I work weekends and during the week and find it really hard to find time to get together with friends and get time with my kids as well.

That’s it for this month! I think I’m going to print these out and stick them on the fridge as a reminder to myself.

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