Spring Cleaning Series Part One: Decluttering

I’m doing a mini Spring Cleaning series over the next few weeks. I’ll try to tie it into sewing somewhere along the way.. but looks like not today. :p


Like many (most) people, Spring is a great motivator to do some deep cleaning and decluttering. I try to declutter on a regular basis but this time of year is always the best at motivating me. The snow is starting to melt (well, it was but we got another 3 inches or so over the weekend!) the flowers will soon be blooming and it makes me want to get rid of some of my old junk. I find that when the house is relatively clean (it is not spotless by far!) I am able to focus better. When the place is cluttered, my brain feels cluttered, ha. So, decluttering is the most important step for me when it comes to cleaning.

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