Sunday Lately: Dragonflies and cuddles

Updating this blog on the adventures of the medical issues that are going on right now: I had a repeat CT scan on the 13th and saw the surgeon the same day. The lesion on my spleen is still there but hadn’t grown since the scan three weeks before so before he goes ahead and books me for surgery to remove my spleen he referred me to Oncology to get their opinion to rule out any sort of cancer. When I dropped the referral off at Oncology they told me it could take up to 1 year! I was freaked out! (Internally, I don’t freak out at secretaries -or cashiers for the matter- being one myself and knowing the stress they deal with!) A lot could happen in a year. Luckily they called me back this week to give me an appointment for this week coming. Yay! It will feel good to have a better idea of what’s going on.

Reminding myself to take time to enjoy my girlies while they’re still little and before the hecticness that is school starts. 11 days to go and my oldest starts Kindergarten! wah! For now we’re spending the last few days before school starts chasing butterflies and looking for dragonflies.


Needing more hugs and cuddles with my girls. I miss them when I’m at work.

Wearing my store bought dolman tees. I know, I know, so exciting. But everytime I wear them I realize that dolman tops suit me and I remind myself to sew some up (but then never do! I should fix that!)

Being grateful for work. When my hubby lost his job in February I was able to pick up extra shifts and work full-time for a few months. Then I went back to working part-time while hubby looked for a new job (I can only change my availability at work once every three months so hubby could only really look for work once I was back to part-time as the girls aren’t in daycare). After two months of looking hubby now has a job. No more stressing about mortgage payments! (I’m also grateful that Canada has an employment insurance program if you get laid off -which we pay into through our taxes- and we could afford to live off my salary for a few months, because, to be honest, even full-time my salary couldn’t cover all the bills without the assistance from EI). Also, my workplace is pretty decent too. After the appendectomy, the doctors put me off work for a month and my job offers salary insurance for sick leaves so I was able to get paid for 3 of the 4 weeks I was off. That was pretty helpful and I totally wasn’t expecting it.


I have to say I had a bit of a hard time with the prompts this week. I felt I had to stretch a bit to get the things on my mind to fit the prompts, ha. Anywho, I have a few things to finish sewing up for this week, along with a couple medical appointments so hopefully I’ll get everything done! I’m also going in full prep mode this week getting Silly (and baby sis) up early this week to practice getting our routine down so we don’t miss the school bus! The last 5 1/2 years we’ve been so relaxed staying in our pjs for most of the morning for the most part (and if I’m honest, some days we’re in them until lunchtime), so needing them both to be up and dressed and fed all before 8 am will be a bit of a struggle. Luckily it’s only a 40 minute walk to her school, but I don’t want her to be getting to school late all the time. Plus I need to figure out what to do for the first day of school pic! Ack! I need to get more organized.

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