Pool Side Beach Party Tour Wrap Up

Winners and Blogger round up

It’s been nearly a week since the Pool Side Beach Party tour ended but before we finally wrap up the tour and start planning the next one we thought we’d showcase the participants one last time!

AND it’s time to announce the winners!! You can scroll to the bottom to see them, but first lets recap the tour!

On Day 6 of the tour we had Gemia of PhatQuartersAdventures of Bubba and Bug, Paisley Roots, Eleri of Sew and Tell Project, and Inspinration:

poolside day 6

On Day 5 we had Filles à Maman, mahlicadesigns, Call Ajaire and Cindy Parrett:

poolside day 5

On Day 4 we saw Creative Counselor, Wining Wife, Pear Berry Lane, and Lulu & Celeste:

poolside day 4

On Day 3 we had Alisha of Sew and Tell ProjectSewSophieLynnMCB créationsGracious Threads, and Sprouting JubeJube:

Poolside day 3

Day 2 featured From-a-Box, Leah of PhatQuartersÉlégantine, and Handmade Boy:

Poolside Day 2

And last but not least, we kicked off the tour with Blaverry, Sew Happily Ever After, 5 Out of 4 Patterns, and The Wholesome Mama:

poolside day 1

Everyone did such amazing jobs! I cannot thank them enough for participating in the Pool Side Beach Party tour!! Thank you!

Now the winners!!

Day 1 Prize package included 1 pattern from both Filles à Maman and Sunday Girl Designs in addition to 2 patterns from Sofilantjes. Winner was Robyn C.

Day 2 prize package included 12$ (US) coupon to Blaverry, 1 pattern from Designs by Call Ajaire and 2 patterns from Jennuine Designs. Winner was Jill A.

Day 3 prize package included 1 pattern from both 5 Out of 4 Patterns and Chalk and Notch and 2 patterns from Mouse House Creations. Winner was Reece M.

Day 4 prize package included 15$ (US) Gift Certificate to Gracious Threads, 1 pattern from Handmaiden’s Cottage and the Four Seasons Cardigan PDF Pattern from EYMMWinner was Jennie C.

Day 5 prize package included 1 PDF pattern from both Modkid Boutique and E+M Patterns and Nana’s Insulated Tote PDF Pattern from Sew Happily Ever AfterWinner was Sheilah H.

Day 6 prize package included $20 (US) Gift Certificate to Phat QuartersWinner was Chelle.

Congrats to all our winners!! And thank you to everyone for following along and leaving comments! ♥  ♥


Deb and I will be back in August with another tour! Stay tuned!!

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For more beachy inspiration you can check out the appliqué I made below! Full details in the post

flamingo fma main