AVTR Blog Tour: Rag Apron Pattern

Hi! Welcome to my stop on the AVTR Apron Blog Tour!

I’ve never done a rag quilt before and would never have thought to turn one into an apron! So fun!AVTR Rag Apron

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the pattern for free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

This apron is actually fairly quick to sew. The longest part really being cutting out the pieces and then cutting along the edges so it would fray. My hand was cramping up by the end!

Actually the longest part for me was choosing the fabrics I wanted to use. I have a pretty huge fabric stash of cotton fabrics but not too many actually coordinate with each other. So I went with Christmas fabric! I have a pretty big stockpile of Christmas fabrics thanks to the after-Christmas sales that Fabricville holds!

AVTR Rag Apron
Here is the apron pre-washed.

So it’s not exactly seasonal being that Spring is right around the corner, but considering the amount of snow we still have outside it could pass for Christmas! (Each time we get some new snowfall Miss V announces it’s Christmas! Lol, she’s 2.5.) I’m ready for next Christmas!

Pattern: Rag Apron

Price: $8.00 US

Modifications made: I did leave off the bottom ruffle and scallop edge. I’m not real big on ruffles and wanted to see how the apron looked without it.

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I think I’m going to count this as my Try Something New Every Month entry for March.