Spring Capsule Planning

I’m semi sewing along with Free Notion’s Spring Wardrobe¬†in a Week plan. I won’t be sewing it all in a week (it’s supposed to be this week in fact) but I do plan to sew following a similar plan.

What I like is that sewing items for me with an actual plan means I may end up with actual outfits instead of random pieces that don’t work together.

I based my Spring capsule on Becca’s (of Free Notion) Super Casual plan (you can see it in the link I posted above). She has three versions, Business Casual, Casual and Super Casual, a lot of the patterns actually overlap between them, so it would be easy to use a few of the pieces for work as well. (I work in an office at a hospital, on weekends, and it’s fairly small hospital so it’s super quiet; there aren’t any other offices open on weekends so I don’t see too many people so casual work wear works for me).

Disclaimer: This post contains a couple affiliate links. Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*). If you purchase through an affiliate link I may receive a small commission which will help feed my fabric and/or pattern buying habit.

Spring Capsule wardrobe sewing plan

Shoes are from Payless, necklace is from Reitman’s, scarf is from Old Navy. Shoes are similar to some I already own and I just used them for illustrative purposes, I might get different flats once Spring comes around. ūüėČ

The patterns (from left to right):

Top Row: Day Tripper (Shwin Designs); Jeggings version of the SOS Knit Pants (Patterns for Pirates)

Second Row: Brassie Joggers (GreenStyle); Raglan (Patterns for Pirates)

Third Row: Peg Legs (Patterns for Pirates -Free if you join the Facebook group); Carol Tee (Shwin Designs); Julia Cardigan* (Mouse House Creations)

Bottom Row: Julia Cardigan*; Tortola Tank (Sisboom); Elastic Waist Pants (Teach Me Fashion)


Basically the only changes I made between my version and Becca’s is that I swapped out patterns that I didn’t own for similar versions that I did.

I’m currently going through my fabric stash to find the right fabrics for each pattern. I’ll post again when I make decisions on that!

Check out Becca’s blog for all her capsule sewing tips.

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