Mini Felt Heart pin tutorial by Lulu & Celeste

Tutorial: Cute Felt Heart Pin

Mini Felt Heart pin tutorial

If you’ve been following me enough, you’ll know by now that I love working with felt. Most recently, a few weeks ago, I shared a cute little felt kitty cat hair clip tutorial over at Rebel & Malice. Today I have for you you another super quick project that is super sweet. A mini felt heart pin (or brooch if you prefer to call itย that)!

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These mini felt heart pins take almost no time at all. Make a bunch and give them to your friends for Valentine’s Day.

Supplies Needed to Make One Felt Heart Pin:

  • Scrap piece of felt (wool or wool-blend are my favourite to work with)
  • Scrap piece of fabric
  • 1″ Pin back* (US link) (Canada link*)
  • Hand sewing needle and matching thread
  • Small amount of polyfil
  • The heart template (or you can draw your own heart)
  • Freezer paper (optional)

Finished size is approximately 1.5″

Supplies to make mini felt heart pin

Instructions to Make Mini Felt Heart Pin:

  1. Print out the heart template and trace two hearts onto freezer paper (if using). Cut around the heart shape. Lightly iron the freezer paper to the felt and cut out two heart shapes from felt. Lightly iron one freezer paper heart shape onto the scrap of cotton fabric and cut out one heart.
    Or alternatively, pin the heart template to the felt and cut out two felt hearts and repeat to cut out one cotton heart. If pinning the template directly onto the felt I recommend tracing the heart onto cardstock so it will hold up better.Mini felt heart pin tutorial
  2. On the back of one felt heart, hand stitch the pin back in place. Place the pin back in the center near the top of the heart.

    Mini felt heart pin tutorial
    I forgot to take a picture of the pin back before sewing up the heart, it’s easiest to sew on the pin back before you complete the heart!
  3. Layer the three hearts together so that the cotton fabric is right side out and the felt heart with the pin back attached is on the bottom and the pin back is exposed. Whipstitch or blanket stitchย (I used blanket stitch here) the three layers together, going all around but leaving about 1/2″ open. Do not tie off the thread yet.Mini felt heart pin tutorial
  4. Stuff your heart between the two layers of felt with a small amount of polyfil until you are satisfied with it’s plumpiness.
  5. Whipstitch (or blanket stitch) the opening closed and tie off the thread.
  6. And Voila! You now have a cute little felt heart pin to keep or to give. My daughter has one permanently pinned to her school bag.

Mini felt heart pin tutorial


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