Tutorial: Sun and Cloud ornament

I sketched this little sun and cloud ornament out a few years ago but for some reason I never got around to sewing it up and creating the tutorial until recently.

Sun and Cloud ornament tutorial by Lulu and Celeste

I love working with felt and love how this sun and cloud ornament turned out. I think it could even work great as a patch. I’ll be stitching up another to use as a patch as soon as I decide what to put a patch on, ha.

Sun and Cloud ornament tutorial by Lulu and Celeste

This sun and cloud ornament is quick to stitch up and is a great project for on the go. I like to bring small projects like this one with me to stitch on my work breaks or while waiting at doctor appointments.

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Felt Sun and Cloud Ornament

Warning: This project is so quick you might want to make two at a time, especially if you have more than one child.

Need some tips for sewing with felt? Check out my Quick Tips post here:

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Printing the Pattern:
  • Print out the Sun and Cloud tree template in the supplies list above. Print on letter size or A4 paper at actual size or 100%.


  • Trace the sun, cloud and background shapes out on the matte side of the freezer paper. You will need to trace and cut out two mirror image background shapes. Roughly cut around each shape. Extend the bottom edge of the sun slightly beyond the dotted line. You could also just cut out a full circle but I don’t like the yellow showing too much through the white.

  • Lightly iron the freezer paper shiny side down onto the felt.

  • Cut out each shape along the lines. You will have one sun, one cloud and two background shapes. Set one background shape aside.


  • Following the placement on the template, stitch the face onto the sun. I use three strands of black thread for this step. You just need to do a few small backstitches for the mouth and I used French knots for the eyes.

  • Checking placement on the template, lay the sun onto one background piece and stitch in place using tiny running stitches. Use two strands of yellow thread to match your sun. You don’t need to stitch the bottom edge of the sun as it will be under the cloud.

DMC has a very useful stitch guide that explains the different stitches if you’re unsure.

  • Layer the cloud shape slightly over the sun. Use two strands of white thread to stitch the cloud in place on top of the sun and background piece using a running stitch. At this point you only need to stitch along the top edge of the cloud.
  • With three strands of yellow thread use a chain stitch to stitch the sun rays onto the background piece.

  • Place the completed front piece onto the back piece and stitch the two pieces together using either a whipstitch or blanket stitch (I did whipstitch here). I used two strands of blue thread to match the background pieces.

  • Thread a needle with three strands of thread to make the loop. Push the needle through near the top where you want the loop and pull thread through. Tie off to create the loop.

Your felt Sun and Cloud ornament is complete!

Sun and Cloud ornament tutorial by Lulu and Celeste

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