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Wild Things coat pattern by Twig + Tale sewn by Lulu and Celeste


I have to say I was super excited to be taking part in this tour. For real! Not only is this a re-branding tour for the newly re-named Twig + Tale (formerly Big Little patterns), but we later found out that fabric would be provided for by the amazing Art Gallery fabrics! I ♥ Art Gallery Fabrics! Unfortunately I don’t buy it often enough but when I do get my hands on some I just want to spend the whole day petting it.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the pattern for free for the purpose of this tour. The Art Gallery Fabric was provided for free for the tour participants, the fleece fabric was purchased.

Wild Thing coat sewn by Lulu and Celeste


Today I’m showing off the Wild Things Coat I sewed. I had promised Silly Bean that the next item I sewed would be for her, hence the pink coat. She is currently going through a phase where she will pretty much only wear pink or floral. Thus the very pink coat. Cat ears because cats are awesome! (We have 3).


I used the Art Gallery He Loves Me fabric in plum to line the coat. At first I wasn’t sure it would go so well with the pink fleece but I think it looks great in the end. After I received the Art Gallery fabric in the mail I went to my local fabric store to find some fleece and I was lucky and they happened to be having a 50% off fleece sale that day. But they only had this one bright pink in stock.

I’m happy it worked out.




Confession: I still need to topstitch around the coat and add the buttons. I decided I would do regular buttons and buttonholes as I couldn’t find find some large ones in store I liked (although I’m debating putting snaps instead).  And I have to wait to topstitch as my iron is broken and the new one I ordered from Amazon hasn’t arrived yet. I have a little mini Clover iron which is good for pressing open seams and that’s about it. It’s not so good on this fleece though. So while the coat is technically wearable, it still needs some finishing up.


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