Ultimate DIY Bundle: Keep your kids busy!

The Ultimate DIY Bundle is now live!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. I did purchase the bundle in advance though with my own money ūüôā All opinions are 100% my own of course! Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle. ¬†

When I first heard about this bundle I was pretty excited. I have a thing for bundles, you see. I get excited about the possibility of a good deal. So when I saw that there were some patterns included I was even more excited. But.. BUT.. I need something to keep the kids busy so I can get to sewing the patterns included in the bundle (and, well, all the other patterns on my to-do list).

And looky! The Ultimate DIY Bundle includes the Make Believe book from Pattern Anthology.MakeBelieve-225x300

The e-book includes a few different crafts that are great for kids to make themselves: felt cat mask, bean bags, tricorn pirate hat, crown, superhero doll and fashion designer activity. They’re mostly aimed at older children (of course you could make them for your kids) but the one I love the most is the Fashion Designer¬†activity. Perfect for my nearly-5-year-old (wah!) who loves to play with my fabric scraps!

She was concentrating so much!


I printed out the girl and boy dolls onto cardstock to make it more durable. Handed over some fabric scraps, scissors and a glue stick, and set Silly to work.


and then my¬†camera battery died so I wasn’t able to get any final shots of her finished dolls.

She had fun, it kept her occupied while I did some chores.

Fashion Designer activity

I’m thinking I’ll print some more up to include in the goodie bags to give to her cousins when they come to her birthday party in a few weeks.

..Now just to find something to keep Miss V occupied.

Here are a couple other ebooks that might interest your kids and keep them busy.

Doodle Art Alley includes 12 colouring book pages that would be great to keep your kids colouring for a long time.

How to Sculpt Miniature Breakfast Foods. OMGosh! So cute! Definitely for the older kids/teens and adults. I think I’m going to try these out myself.




Ooh and my favourite bonus that’s included in the Ultimate DIY Bundle is your choice of one 15 Craftsy classes (up to a $60 value!) Right now I’m following a bread baking course, Artisan Bread Making with Peter Reinhart¬†and it’s great so far. (Yes, I know it’s not sewing related! I love making bread, my mom finally taught me how she makes her molasses brown bread -yum!-¬†by hand and I was looking for something that explained a bit the science behind bread baking, and this does!) **I don’t know if that course is included, it’s just the one I’m currently watching**




If you’re interested click the button below to pick up your copy of the Ultimate DIY bundle.

But hurry fast! It’s only available for sale until January 26th!

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