Weekly Wishes #2

I’m linking up again to the whole Weekly Wishes thing again. Last week I started it on Tuesday so I’m doing the same this week as well. I like writing lists, and having it public helps me stay accountable.

Moth or butterfly?
Another pic completely unrelated to the Weekly Wishes :p

Last week’s wishes:

  1. Take the girls for a half hour walk 5 times this week. Close I did 4 walks!
  2. Plan out 2 Christmas/Winter craft tutorials. Well, not quite. I have one rough sketch, but need a second idea
  3. Update blog About Me pics. I have the pics taken, they’re not great though (selfies using my makeshift tripod) but I still have to update them on the side >>

This week’s wishes:
  1. Again, 5 half hour walks with the girls. Might be a little tough because Silly Bean is sick now.
  2. 3 Christmas/Winter craft tutorial to sketch out/write up, and do pics for one of them. 
  3. Update side bar with new pics.
  4. Finish up 10 aprons for the craft fair.
  5. Don’t eat more than one chocolate/treat per day. (Hard! Silly Bean still has ton of Halloween candy left!)
  6. Prep meals for next week on Sunday. A friend of mine does meal prep for the main course for supper every Sunday for the week and I think that’s a great idea, especially will be helpful next year when Silly Bean starts school.
That’s in addition to also needing to finish a few other blogging/sewing projects. Oh, and maybe get a picture that actually has something to do with a weekly wish?

What do you have planned this week?
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